i looking for good build :)

Hello all forum members, I am new here so excuse me if I write something not in this place you need :slight_smile: I apologize in advance also if I raise the subject that has already been discussed. I’ve been playing Guardian for a while (Shaman + Soldier). But nevertheless, despite all the higher levels, I am falling a little to annoy me. Here is the question of whether there are any builds of characters based on a shield + a weapon? I was looking but I could not find the thread. I am asking for help and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Do you just have the base game or the Ashes of Malmouth expansion as well?

i have Ashes of Malmouth.

Okay, then have a look in the build compendium to see if there’s anything that fits what you’re looking for.


There are also some beginner builds in there that you might want to try.

S&B? Try Death Knight or Witchblade. Warders work ok too. One called Pre-Krieg Death Knight is pretty popular, you can find a well written guide to it somewhere below in this forum.

S&B what is it ?

Sword and board - pirate style I guess you’d call it. But in this game it refers to a character that uses a weapon and shield.

I have been calling that as Shield & Blade all this time o_0

Hello everyone, I’m still fighting to get the best character to play. I’ve tried a lot of combinations but it does not fit in any of them. I still think that I am a beginner player and I am looking for a combination to make it easy and pleasant :slight_smile: I am asking you for something worth attention, from which combination did you start asking for advice and thank you for a nice evening :slight_smile:

What kind of a playstyle do you have in mind?

Melee? Ranged? Spells? Pets? something else?

Also what classes have you already tried?

i tried


Before picking a build, I highly recommend this guide. It’s a fantastic stepping stone into the unforgiving world of GD.

What would also be helpful is if you could tell us what goals you have with the toon?

Are you looking to clear the main campaign (MC)?
Are you trying to clear gladiator?
What kind of toon would you enjoy playing?


can you tell me what you mean when you write “toon” :)?

Toon is another word used for character. It’s a shortened version of cartoon - used I guess because characters are animated drawnings.

Toon = your character. E.g. in your case, it’d be the warder.

I am feeling ignored :cry:

But seriously though, what kind of play style do you prefer or have in mind OP. Tell us a bit about what you are looking for.

i tried Malee, Shield, i don’t play never with pets!! what build i can try with pets ? Maya please forgive me :slight_smile:

You have beginner builds here


under “Builds for beginners”

How I would personally do it - I would ignore EVERYTHING I wanted to do with my first toon, and level a toon which is:

i. easily built (no greens). The octavius set comes to mind here
ii. Capable of crushing crucible


  1. Why is a toon which is all purple easy to build?
    It’s relatively easy to get purples. Most experienced players are willing to trade level 94 purple gear for components/materials. Ugdenblooms are a fantastic way of getting the purple gear you need.

This isn’t the case for greens, as you need to craft items a million times to luck out on an item you need. Before GDstash, I must’ve crafted at least 1000 stoneplate greaves to get the ‘Stonehide’ ‘of kings’ suffixes.

  1. Why not play something you enjoy right from the start?
    Because crushing crucible with a solid, reliable toon is currently the fastest way to farm items.

Once you have a solid stash of purples, not only does it make trading easier, you can also begin to experiment more with other builds.