I lost all my items using GD Stash, need help plase

How the titles says, all my share stash items was deleted while i was using GD stash tool, is there any way of get them back?

First of all, you did not lose them because of GD Stash, but because of cloud save. Never change your save files while the game is running when using cloud save.
As I have never heard of any other case where anything was lost, I assume that is what you did.

Now to get your items back. GD Stash creates a backup of the stash before overwriting it. So if cloud save then messes up and clears that saves stash (as is the case here, the tool has written it back correctly), you still have the backup.

Do the following while GD is not running.

Go to the cloud save dir, rename transfer.t00 (or .h00 for HC stash) to transfer.gst (.gsh for HC stash) (better yet, create a copy and rename that, just in case). Run GD and check if you have your items back, you should, unless you did not immediately notice the issue.
If they are still missing do the same for .t01 and so forth (i.e. .t02, .t03, …) until you have your items back. There are at most 10 backups (.t00 to .t09), anything older is truly gone, but I would be surprised if you did not notice it earlier than that.

There is a file named transfer.gts already

There is a file named transfer.gst already

That is probably the existing (empty) one.

delete that one then?

Remove it somewhere else for the moment and then continue as instructed :wink:

Done, still the same :confused: ty all anyways.

.t03 is the one with the items, you can tell by their size. Back then it was 14K, ever since it is only 1K. So copy transfer.t03 to transfer.gst - while GD is NOT running.

I did mention to try older backups until you find the items :wink:

Good point mamba, and if that doesn’t work then I guess .t04 is worth trying as the same size and only a day older.

It will work with .t03, if not it is cloud save interfering, so try again - which is why you should copy .t03 first, not rename it immediately. That way you still have a copy in case you need one.

.t04 would work just as well, but in theory it is an older version, so might not contain all the missing items, so I would try .t03 again