I love Grim Dawn - GameTyrant - Review

Hey Crate, I wrote the review here:

I wanted to directly thank you for an amazing game and for a game that not only exceeded my lofty expectations but you released it at a more than fair price. That is huge for us in a very greedy industry. We laud you, appreciate you, and better yet, love what you have created and can’t wait to see more.

/props :cool:

Nice review that brings back many memories. (Tongue in cheek) - Only thing you got wrong, as I stated in an earlier post on this site is that GD should not be compared to Diablo III as it has surpassed that model, and should rather be the potential new Diablo IV design that we wanted in the first place.

BLIZZARD dumbed the game down to accommodate Console players.
CRATE is putting the game back on the PC where it belongs with all the complexity and richness we love.

Glad you enjoyed Grim Dawn so much! I thought I had read that review before…

because I had. Keep on keeping on!