I made a mod but need some help sharing it

i made a mod that makes all items require level 2, i am working on making all items require less spirit physique and cunning also, so if you kill a high level monster you can use the item that is dropped, but i am not sure how to share it, is there some way to up load to this forum?

so i updated the mod to make all items require level 2 and require 45 spirit physique cunning, but i am still working on how to share it with community, any help would be great

Mods are usually hosted on things like Mega/Nexus. If you don’t want to use those then you could upload it to google drive and provide a share link here for people to use to download it.

Zip the contents of the folder using 7zip or winrar or whatever you want, it needs to be compressed to distribute. Then just upload the zipped file here (if it’s small enough), or on your mod site of choice. (Nexus, Moddb) MEGA is not specifically a mod website but we use it since it’s fairly simple to upload and download stuff.