I need a blank character file lvl85

Hey guys,

i sunk hundreds od hours already in the game,
and i dont want to repeat the grinding part over and over again.
So if i want to try out a build it would be cool to have a blank max level character with all skill and attribute points from quests plus max inventory bags.

Is this possible?

So just because you sunk a lot of hours it’s okay to cheat?
Btw, you literally admitted early-mid game is a pointless grindfest which doesn’t affect your endgame build in any way.

Well he has a point. For many chars it is a needless grindfest, which is one of the few failings of the game IMO. For instance, levelling as dw Nightblade is a huge chore as the build only works well at end game with +skills and gear, whereas levelling as ranged Demolitionist with FireStrike is a complete breeze.

Part of gaming culture these days is “end-game”, and many GD builds only work end-game, so in a lot of cases levelling is just a bad experience if the build doesn’t work properly.

Use trainer.

One quick Google later:


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Here you go


Meh. Getting through the game is part of the experience if you ask me. No point in a build that can’t get through the mid-game. Some builds peak later, yes.

And in GD you can respec your points, anyway, so if you need to put point somewhere else early on, you can.

Think of it like test driving.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours finding what I don’t like. In exchange, I picked up some knowledge. Knowledge thats readily available by the public via forum. In contrast, i have a bunch of crappy nonfunctional alts and one or two decent characters I have fun with.

Time is a limited resource. A lot of us are just trying to figure out what works to our liking considering how different your endgame build is compared to early-mid game.

An argument can be made, though, that regearing towards ultimate at the end of elite is part of the game. As tedious as that might be, maybe thats intended?

That way you, you need either 100s of hours or lots of luck, or a compromise thaf makes the game a drag (defense vs clearspeed) just to continue playing. Oh wait… 8 hr bouts of repetition per day? I usually get paid for that.

Its cheating, but being able to test things out to iterate on your design is nifty. There should not be a 24 hr or an unobtainium barrier to entry for full respec. Unobtanium being killing a nemesis if your not endgame built already.

With that said, 9 / 10 times its easy enough to fix in game. Unless you want to test a completely separate set of masteries. That’s the real value here. Or finding a balance in between mastery points. One of my characters i carelessly overleveled the masteries. He’s out 10 points now. Maybe more like 18, he only needs 32 in the mastery but stats are always useful.

There are other tools… grim calc, etc. But you xould say those are cheating like, since you cant test in vivo. But which one facilitates a more informed decision?

Also everything can work (if you have gear) - but sometimes it feels like work getting that gear. Unpaid labor for x amount of hours if your not having fun. Get to fun, do the work :slight_smile: that is the objective.

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I can’t see the point to ever do it in a game with no true lategame, by MMO standards.

You’ll download the char, then the top BiS pieces of gear, then what? What’s the point to even play this char if you have it maxed in level and items, and he’s able to obliterate the content? To farm for more items? Why bother, it’s easier to download them as well.

It only makes sense if one wants a carrier char to farm the recipes and items to twink legit chars, but I doubt it’s about this.

MMO’s have been ruined by the same mentality, too. MMO’s also benefit from a long leveling experience.

I think if you do not enjoy leveling up characters, you should not be playing this game and trying to modify it to your fancy, plain and simple. And most people who worry about things like this have such big hour counts that I’m not going to take any implication that you value your time seriously.

People replying here might have misunderstood what starter wants. He wants a blank character to theorycraft. I think there was one lvl 75 with all reputations and up to end of elite. It should work except you can’t really test it in, say, ultimate BoC. UTSE “Lan Mandragoran”

Ya know, I’ve seen statements like this a few times here recently and all that keeps popping up in my head is, Huh?

I’ve been predominantly playing Nightblades for a couple years now and in no way is this assertion anywhere true. NB rapes early. NB rapes mid. It excels at single target and it certainly has CC to make handling the trash a breeze.

NB is a hot knife thru butter at any point. I don’t even want to know how people that say these things are building but I do know they are doing it badly when they say things like that.

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if he wants to theorycraft he does not need every last point from quests or the bags…sounds more like a way to bypass all levelling

Well, these guides seem to disagree with you:

Spellbreaker - “Level as prm/devastation or phantasmal blades/devastation. option to switch to obsidian juggernaught at lvl 58”

Tri-elemental Sabateur - “Use ranged firestrike with dw pistols or a 2h ranged weap until lvl 58ish”

Levelling-up skills - basically, use these the most powerful spell lines, none of which so far include dw Nightblade (or anything from Soldier, obviously).

Your mention of CC also backs up my point…with ranged 2H FireStrike you don’t even need CC as it’s powerful from very early on and things die too quickly. I may be new to the game, but it’s pretty hard to screw up Blademaster skills, it just seems underpowered “in my experience”, and less efficient at levelling than many other builds.

Of course, if you would be willing to share your two years worth of experience and let me know the optimal levelling path for a Blademaster I will try it out on my next char :slight_smile:

I don’t follow guides and any that advise those leveling tactics I’d just ignore. As far as optimal… Keep your main damage dealer ahead of the curve and yes get CC/AoE. Ranged builds play there own way. You want to mow thru with DW then use the tools available. You can take down mobs fast enough and the difference between ranged isn’t that much that you can’t keep pace if you build sensibly.

SS/Blitz in and drop your bomb, whatever it may be. RoS/ABB/BA. Whatever floats yer boat. Take advantage of frostburn etc. Devotion procs. Gear procs. Do it right and it’s gravy train. Make use of what’s there.

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