I purchased Grim Dawn on the 4th of August 2014. Today, I finally reached level 100 with my Main.

This Badboy made all his way from early access with the Clone of John Bourbon standing in Front of Homestead to the last third of Ultimate Difficulty and it has been a blast.

Still need to get my hands on my desired gear for the endbuild, but he is in a pretty decent spot.

Now he can go on a well deserved Break until the new expansion hits and my level 32 Spellbinder will take over.

Just thought i would share, because it was long time overdue :smiley:


10 char tango…

Nice, congratulations!

I had managed to recover some characters that are from january 2015 as well when I tried activating steam cloud (one of them is chaos AAR warlock and the other is a 2H FS pyromancer :rolleyes:). Haven’t found any sentimental value so deleted them.


Dunno why but I mostly just play through the normal campaign, then I want to start a new character. I know the game becomes a lot harder after that, but I like some variety and test out skill combinations.

Eternal expert beginner :slight_smile:

Nice! Congrats! That’s a very pleasant sentiment. Kinda makes me wish I kept some of my older characters from ye olden days of forever ago.

I got the game around the same time, and still don’t have a 100. granted, I don’t play that often, and only play hardcore.


Congrats Uberlix :smiley:

Same here, in fact I don’t even finish Veteran normally before starting a new char, been playing since very first release (b9?) and yet to enter Elite :wink: