I really messed up

Hey all,

I really messed up with my PC. Was having a lot of issues and couldn’t figure it out. Had my wife try to mess with it to see if she could figure it out, and she couldn’t either. So, I rebooted it to factory settings. I thought, keyword there; thought, it was supposed to keep my files. However, after spending yesterday updating everything, went to play it today and all my characters are gone now. :frowning: Checked my other games and everything is gone from there, too. But, my all my Pathfinder/Starfinder/Middle-Earth stuff is still on there?!

Can anyone explain that to me?! Because I"m really confused. Yes, I am computer stupid, as you can tell. hehe. But just do not understand why all my video games are gone, but my role-playing stuff isn’t. Shouldn’t it have kept everything?! Not just certain things? Most importantly, is there a way to get it back? Thanks for any help you can give to me. Was just really starting to have fun with farming items with my first 100 and was enjoying it on ultimate. Kind of heartbreaking to start all over again…

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were you using cloud saves? if not, then they got wiped, if you were using clud then make sure cloud saves (chosen by default) is ticked both through steam and in-game

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You saved the important things! :blush:

If you need a Save-File (every combination with Shaman), just tell me.

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I think they are gone then. Had forgotten about that, and it doesn’t look like anything is there. Thanks for the reply though.

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hahaha! Indeed!

oh well, you’ll know for next time then

Unfortunate. I lost all of my saves once. I was sad for about ten seconds before I started the game from the beginning again. I knew a lot more about the game that time and my characters were overall quite a lot better.

This is unreal and completely confused…Just getting ready to level up my newest character and today ALL of my characters are there??? I am so confused on what’s going on. Anyone with PC knowledge care to take the time to explain what’s going on with my PC? Or in the very least, point me in a direction to read and figure this out alone?! Very confused on what is going on.

Cloud saving probably caught up or something. I’d move them to local saves to be safe.

It took 3 days to happen though?! That’s what I"m really confused about, how long it took. I Googled, did lots of reading and trying to get things back. Nothing worked. Just logged in and was there. Thanks for the link though. Will read it and make sure things are backed up for sure. :slight_smile: