I ruin my ears and my viewers ears every time this happens

Every time there is the ‘construction noise’ reward for turning in certain quests it is much louder than all other sound effects in the game. For anyone wearing headphones it will scare the ever loving poop out of you, or cause temporary deafness. One example of the noise is when you give the scrap to Barnabus in Act 1. Another example is turning in the Hive Queen quest in Homestead where an extra bag slot is given as reward. I think anytime you repair a bridge with scrap the noise also triggers. I can try to memorize when the sound plays and then mute the Sound Effects under Audio, or I can just play with ultra low sound effects settings. But I really enjoy the sound from Grim Dawn, all except this one thing. It would be much more enjoyable for me and any viewers of mine for the sound to be toned down. Thank you Crate for making an awesome game.