I suck at devotion...please help


I have no idea what’s good for devotion and it is a little overwhelming.

Can someone look at my build and critique it and provide a devotion path for me? Would be much appreciated.

Also I plan on going 1 physique / 1 cunning … is that an ok stats path?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Here my defensive point for ultimate


Things you want from devotions are:
Life leech (if you use attacks)

I’d rushed Light of Empyreon (except 2 last points), taking Crane, Ulo, Sailor’s Guide, etc on wake.
Then, sped 2 points into Obelisk of Mehnir for 300 armour, 4 points into Targo the builder for 400 HP, 4 points in Scales of Ulcama for HP and proc, an so on.

As for damage, only Kraken is worthwhile (for 2-handers), most other are kinda junk.

thank you very much guys. What would you do about stat points? Is pure physique viable?

It’s one of the best if not the best thing to do with attribute points.

I find the best thing in ult is to focus on defense with devotion , augment , composant so after that you will maybe have lack of damage if you put all your attribute point in physique.

1 / 1 seem great