I suffer severe damage from aetherial-ground! Help!

Is there anything that can prevent me from taking damage from aetherial-ground?:furious:

I always suffered great damage from those lands with sparkling green lightning terrain, I am looking forward to a specific equipment which can grant me immunation to those damage, or at least reduced in damage

In addition, my blademaster(soldier/nightblade) is so vulnerable to those aetherial-ground, because he has to do melee damage to monsters. :o

So any equipments recommended for blademaster/spellbinder/cabalist will be very thankful;)

Nothing can prevent that except mirror/blade barrier. You just have to run and run and run until you get away.

gosh! that’s the only thing that i dont like in this game!
I hate that damned land! :furious::furious:

Damage absorption helps somewhat. But still run over it as fast as you can and have your finger posed over the health potion button to hit when needed. And don’t stand in the stuff when fighting foes.

hi, how to focus on damage absorption? do you think this is a good idea to focus on something like damage absorption? i have three class: cabalist/spellbinder/blademaster, which do you think is the best class to focus on damage absorption?

I wouldn’t focus on it, but having some will help a bit.

You can also stick a Seal of Ancestry on your amulet for a few extra seconds of immunity, but that’s a pretty late-game option.

Or just wait for FG’s movement skills and jump over the stuff instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Attack damage converted to health can be pretty useful too - smack a few aether crystals in the…face on the way through, and that’ll top your health right back up.

% damage to health reduction and absorb.

otherwise time your heals. Yous mobility skills like Blitz or shadow strike if you have them. Circui breakers like mirror/ Blast shield

Not in
My Warder takes the same environmental damage, with or without Spectral Crown and Fleshwarped Bulwark. Menhir’s Bulwark obviously works, but that’s just the damage absorption.

Yeah i guess it’s a tame version of what happens in theodin chamber