I thought ADCTH values were nerfed? o_0

Seems a little ‘off’, i.e. 0-100 regen in a single hit with any decent AoE.


Spectral Battle Axe itself has 7% ADCTH. Vampiric offering no stats other than 11% ADCTH seems OK to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at vitality conjurers. They just don’t die.

And unless you’ve got the time to stare at the screen for a few minutes neither do nemeses.

You’re passing up on a lot of good affixes for vampiric and there’s plenty of sources of adcth.

Well here’s the difference (from my perspective). Yes there are devotions and abilities with built-in ADCTH, but they don’t have the heal potential of a weapon ADCTH applied to a really hard hitting ability (like cadence or shadow strike).

I thought devotions adcth is the same adcth you get on gear including weapons, no?

Because in char sheet there is just one adtch graph and it takes into account both adtch from weapons/gear and from devotions.

I believe ADctH on a weapon only applies to that weapon. Devotion and armor/jewelry ADctH should be “global”. Similar to armor on jewelry.

Yes this is correct AFAIK. Still doesn’t change what I’m saying - for example Shadow Strike is MH damage unless you DW, which applies to the SS modifers as well, so with 20% ADCTH you can basically fill right back up. It’s a balancing act for sure (can’t be so squish you get 1 shot/crit), but I’m just saying - I thought the values were severely reduced and I guess not.

The values were reduced in the sense that bosses have resistance to ADctH, but it’s still extremely strong against regular mobs.

so weapon adtch is only calculated from weapon damage? And “global” adcth applies to all outcoming damage, like all dots/procs/etc.? Can someone clarify?

hell no. “Global” ADctH (found on jewelry/devotions) is just applied to both of your weapons, not all of your spells. Treat it like flat damage found on rings and in devotions.

If ADctH applied to DoTs and procs, everyone would be invincible. Think of a poison witch hunter with 10% ADctH applying tens of thousands of damage in poison and healing from it.

ONLY weapon attacks and spells with a percentage of their damage dealt as weapon damage benefit from ADctH. Some spells CAN lifesteal without weapon damage, but this is explicitly stated in their tooltip (sigil of destruction) and it only lifesteals for the value it states in the tooltip.