Ice, Cold, Frost caster builds, need help!

So, I’ve always been a fan of ice/frost/cold builds for all games(since I started playing pokémon on my gameboy lol) even though I don’t like casters in general, and as the title suggests I’m looking for caster build that only deals Cold damage. It cannot be melee since I have so many already. I already have an Archon physical bleed build so a cold DoT build is NOT what I*m looking for. I hate petbuilds with utmost intensity aswell…

I want to strike my opponents with direct cold damage. If there is such a build out there then by all means point me in the correct directon(and yes, I’ve already tried Youtube and Google without results).

A grimtools link with the required gear, devotions and talent choices would be awesome! I want the build preferably to be high endgame.

Thanks a lot for your time, and have a nice day! =)

You can convert all Cold damage to Trozan,so Druid or Spellbreaker is possible.

Other option is cold Phantasmal blades Infiltrator.

Third is rune of Haggard build.All are pure Cold casters.

Hey Nery =)

Do you have any GrimTool links to the guides around here somewhere?
Because I’ve searched on this site and it only gives me the old forum,
which in turn gives me nothing. Or maybe I’m forgetting something obvious?

Which build?

In general you search through the search function or build compendium.

Edit,here’s example [] Olexra's Nemesis: 6s Mad Queen, 6:30m Crucible, SR 75 no greens caster Infiltrator (+SB spec)

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I didn’t know which build all I know was that I wanted a caster and wanted him to be coldspeced.
Thank you very much for that link! I’ll check it right away :slight_smile:

Exactly what I wanted dude. Thank you Valinov! :slight_smile:

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Cheers. glad to be of help

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I have one more question. What are the songs called in your video:

Would REALLY want those songs cause they are flames :slight_smile:

cant remember which album in particular that is but…

I listen to them a lot when I game.

Well that’s all I needed. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hey man I already run a Reaper with Phantasmal Blades.
Could you link the Trozan build and the rune of Haggard build?

Thanks in advance! =)

Here is my latest version of my cold rune vindicator

Hello there malawiglenn!

I apologize for the extremely delayed response to your comment. I do play a Lightning Vindicator, and I do wonder, apart from the element itself, what is the biggest difference between the two builds? I’m really interested in what you linked and would love to see some gameplay of it, if you have some available of course =)

Have a great day and thanks!

I have videos for each ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds just click on each and you will find teaser video

Cold rune is more like one big spell wheras lightning vindicator is many.
Also cold rune you can play with shield since there is no real dedicated caster off-hand for it and thus you can be a lot more tanky. In return, the cold rune build require a few more core items that provides pierce to cold conversion. Those items are pretty common though and should be found pretty quick.

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