Iconic Images for the dual class

i love the dual class idea bcs i can get more in depth about skills, and it would be a great if we had the dual class images for example like Sentinel, Sentinel is a combination from Oathkeeper and Occultist right from what i imagened for the image is like a holy knight which is Oathkeeper turned into the dark side kinda fibe bcs of the Occultist class. That would be sick! and i couldn’t even imagine with the other dual classes.

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any artwork stuff is too much for Crate at this point… 0 returns, so they will never do stuffs like these let alone have they done anything to change the character menu screen to reflect the older backgrounds…

Also there is alot of work involved and i doubt the Great Artist is working on GD anymore maybe with the townbuilder game who knows

expect more art for the townbuilder game but not grim dawn

yeah that actually make sense, i just realized this game is from 2016 but thats aight it doesn’t really matter at this point, it still a pretty good game