[IDEA] Bloodlord (Feedback please)


After playing the incredibly awesome and inspiring Ranger class from cftx (Check it out!), I have decided to try myself on creating a hopefully very unique class which combines my faible for gory lore with the original wish of joining the cult of Ch’thon (After Crate released more lore around the cult I realized just how twisted they are, so I’d rather not join them after all…).
However, before diving right into a creation process which may not even yield much satisfaction, I’d first like to introduce you to some of the ideas I’ve had so far for skills for this class to get some resonance whether I’m heading in the right direction and people would feel like playing it at all. I don’t want to make something that nobody even wanted in the first place.

For my current collection of ideas, see the second post of this thread.
For a TL;DR see the third post of this thread. Not everyone will want to read that wall of text.

Here’s my idea of how the production of this class should go:

  1. First, I’ll make sure to implement all the desired functionalities of the spells and see that they work together.
  2. Second, I’ll see to creating a draft of what which spell should actually do. Right now it’s just some basic ideas that will need refining on what damage types, what other effects etc. I’ll also lay the spells out in a skill window.
  3. Third, I’ll tune the values to be playable. Probably not balanced, but at least playable. Around this time you should be able to play a first version.
  4. Fourth, I’ll create more detailed descriptions, effects, and fix bugs.

This will be a long road considering my current workload, and even then I will have left out finetuning and balancing against other classes, devotion, and items. These balance passes will likely only happen after the first four steps are completed, and are still way off. While I’ll see to making this class be playable standalone, any balancing done will be adjusted to Cornuptica.

So please tell me if you’re interested, and if enough people are, I’ll start actually working on this!

Bloodlord (Ch’thon Worshipper, Bloodmage)

The Cult of Ch’thon has deep roots, ancient roots. Even after their defeat so long ago not even the elder recall the tale, they have not been extinguished. Ever since then, they had acted from the shadows, and wielded more control than anyone outside the circles could ever fathom. From directing the contstruction of the Necropolis to secretly preparing their grand return, all went according to plan. And they amassed members, willing sacrifices to offer their blood to the Elder god. Yet, not everyone who once praised the Dark Lord was blinded for life: Some considered themselves and realized their sin. Some sought to redeem themselves for the gruelties they had committed. Some sought revenge. And equipped with the spells other members use for the bloody practices and rituals, they have the tools to fight against the cult with its own weapons.


Over all these years, Ch’thonic Bloodlords have mastered the art of manipulating the very essence of their victims without even so much as laying hands on them. This knowledge has since been used to fuel their dreadful quest.
Single target. Deals damage and heals for % health increased by missing health.

Drawing deep, you rip the blood from your enemies very guts, causing them to suffer both inside and out.
Increase Bleeding damage, duration, deal internal trauma

Your hunger for blood becomes insatiable, and each time you draw from an enemy, you can feel your power grow until you can barely contain it.
Grants stacks. At full stacks, next spell will have enhanced effects.

Not every sacrifice is willing, but never have the followers of Ch’thon hesitated to commit the most inhumane brutalities to serve their lord. Twisting the flesh of your victims, you can make a sacrifices body turn against itself to have it explode in a shower of their own gruel.
Costs hp. Deals dmg to and around enemy (slightly based on their hp (no instakills)).

There’s no limit to the sickening cruelties Bloodlords exhibit. Further manipulating the already abhorrent spell, enemies caught within a blast suffer the same violent fate as your first sacrifice.
Add chance for enemies affected to explode as well for -% original damage. This can repeat itself until damage reaches 0.

The gruelsome fate deeply disturbs the affected.
Adds CC.

As if a blast of blood wouldn’t be enough, the cruel spell now shatters the very bones of your victim, sending deadly shrapnels to skewer even afar enemies.
Sends spikes out.

Every true follower of Ch’thon is willing to sacrifice themselfes for the quest of their god. Even though you no longer follow the doctirne, you can draw from your own veins with ease, unleashing a wave of blood to drown your enemies, trapping and crushing them beneath the thick liquid.
Costs health, sends out a wave of blood, slows?

Even the most powerful Bloodlords may find themselves surrounded. In the desparation to get free, you cut deeper into your flesh to conjure a tide so powerful it knocks back enemies.
Add knockback, make the effect circular, center on self.

Ch’thon himself, banished into the void, has taught his followers to tear reality itself apart to drag the horrors of the void into this realm, bending them under your will.
Summon a Fiend for a limited time. Scales with player damage bonuses.

Exclusive transmorgs:
You have mastered the art of suppression. Now able to control multiple void monsters at the same time, you summon waves of Hungering Voidlings upon your enemies to rip them to shreds.
Summon many faceeater thingies, dealing massive damage. Very limited time.

The void holds many abhorrent creatures, some of which none sane could ever imagine. You, however, having endured the cruelties of the cult long enough to know the shape of terror, and are well able to drag one through a rift to serve your will.
Summon a void leech, which doesn’t deal much damage but stuns and leeches life for you.

Sometimes, a mage needs a vanguard for them to pave the path. Even the entire cult, among them powerful Bloodlords, has been waiting for the right moment to strike. You know the importance of a protector and know how to summon one in times of need.
Summon a void vanguard, deals decent damage, extremely tanky, taunts a lot, charges into enemies, lasts long.

Some of Ch’thons followers have not only learned to summon creatures from the void to their service, but to enter the void themselves at will. The cost to return, however, is significant, and no one can take laying eyes on the horrors of the other side for long.
Massively increase movement speed, become untargetable (like shadow strike), pay significant % health, can’t attack during duration

The more often a mortal enters the void, the easier it will get for them and the longer they can withstand fleeing back into their own realm in the face of the terrors, at the price of their very sanity.
Add energy cost, reduce health cost, increase duration

A simple cut to yourself is enough to inflict a withering plague, feeding on the life in the ground itself to create a sanguine pool which your enemies can stagger through at best, framing them utterly defenseless before your obliteration.
Makes an area slow enemies and weaken their defense.

Bloodlords thrive on their own atrocities, and so you can thrive on the putrid pool of claret, sapping from the gruel.
While standing in the area, gain buffs (cooldown reduction).

Not only can you store blood for future use in your violent spells, you can also directly manipulate it, forming spears of cruor to impale your foes.
Requires blood orbs. Every blood orb fires a spear into the target direction and is consumed.

With greater concentration, you sharpen the lances and add enough force to puncture some foes, assaulting even your enemies hind lines.
Adds chance to pierce

What use would the preservation of so much blood be if you couldn’t sap from its power any time? So use the blood you have gathered to create a protective barrier around yourself.
Requires blood orbs. Every blood orb is consumed to heal you, granting a protective shield (more per blood orb).

Even when forming a blood barrier, you can still use the sanguine fluid to force back enemies foolish enough to try to break through.
Knocks back attacking enemies, dealing retaliation dmg.

Should your foes be so weak as to not break your barrier before its expiration, you hold onto what’s left for later use.
Transform % of leftover shield back to blood orbs

One of the deadliest techniques used in Ch’thonic rituals is a sigil marking sacificial ground. Should blood be drawn within that zone, the corpse of the sacrifice erupts in a fountain of blood, quickly bringing down anyone unfortunate enough to stand close. Drawing this sigil from your own blood is expensive, but you have suffered enough that it matters not to your twisted mind.
Costs significant health over time (or blood orb per tick). Creates a zone. Enemy death in zone creates blood fountain.


Using blood for their rituals, it comes to no surprise the cults ritualists have learned ways to preserve the life essence for future use. Adopting that knowledge you can summon a ball of blood from an enemies ripe corpse that empowers your attacks without you having to offer so much of your own life essence.
On enemy death spawn a long lasting blood orb. Casting a spell that costs health will use up a blood orb but you won’t take damage. Every active orb reserves energy.

Some of the cults members are so obsessed with blood, the mere sight of the fluid can throw them into a state of mad excstasy, eager to get more of the life essence flowing.
Every active blood orb grants cooldowns reduction/Every new blood orb reduces cooldowns

Some Bloodlords have brought the art of essence preservation so far that they can create blood orbs out of seemingly thin air, to use them for their twisted rituals.
Chance of creating blood orb on spell cast

Over all these years spent within the cult, you have learned everything about its terrors and the void, giving you knowledge of those monsters most vulnerable spots.

Although you may have realized how the cults gruel pracices bring nothing but chaos and death to the mortal realm, the seed of hatred for everything Aetherial they have planted within you grows stronger even now.

To sacrifice a mans blood in servitute to Ch’thon is the Bloodlords’ highest mission, and so you have learned all the techniques of profusely drawing life’s essence from your sacrifices, particularly how to cripple humans.
Increased bleeding duration, % dmg to humans


Some of Ch’thons servants have become insane enough to take a sliver of the gods own power into them. None have survived for long. Not only requires this unparralleled concentration, but no mortal is fit for such immense force. It destroys their very body from within, and few are able to withstand gutting themselves to serve their Lord with all their lifeblood in the ritual.
High health cost, high energy cost, good buffs.

Having been subject to the terrors of the cults practices, you have spent many years to abstain from letting the dark, corrupting thoughts enter your scarred mind. You have practiced enough that you can maintain a meditative, cleansing state even in battle, which reduces the harm taken from the dark practices of the Ch’thonian cult.
High health regen, high energy cost, slight nerfs.

After years of performing religious rituals for the cult, your spirit has a strong link to your body. To preserve one, the other must be maintained well.
If energy < health, gain energy regen, else gain health regen.

The corruption of Ch’thon is boundless. In an attempt to break the laws of preservation and push yourself to your limit, you have broken your own spirit and now pay the toll.
Health regen, energy cost

Sometimes, even a master of the vital fluids manipulation may resort to a crude sacrificial knife. For these times, you can imbue your weapon to feed on the life force of your foes, although even this dark practice takes its toll.
Replace normal attacks. Costs hp per hit. Deals % hp dmp.

TL;DR (to sum up the core):

The original idea was to create a mage using health as a primary resource. I want to give him two directions players can decide to spec in: Either offensively or defensively. The offensive way will put you in immediate danger of killing yourself. The best defensive options however will only be attainable with high investment and will, much like Maivens does, lower your damage output.
Additionally, blood orbs as a form of resource generated by killing enemies. On the one hand many blood orbs buff your power, on the other spending them will generate the most damage.
Also, I love the idea of attaining high cooldown reduction to dish out those sweet spells frequently. Hence why this class would lack a spammable spell but would make reducing cooldowns a core aspect of the kit to maintain your health.

The only significant trouble I see right now is how to implement blood orbs and all that cooldown without making it too benefitting OTHER classes? I suppose I’ll add in a restriction for the usefulness of blood orbs by limiting their benefits to this classes spells.

Please also bear in mind that this is not a real draft for a class, just a cluster of ideas that hopefully theme well around one. I know, you’d want a lot more modifiers, more variety in passives, probably less actives and more original buffs.

You are not invulnerable during the shadowstrike. And monsters are able to target and hit you.

Also any spell that requires Bloodorbs will be not easy (if possible) to implement.

But looks cool as an addition to the new 30 classes template :stuck_out_tongue:

I do realize some of these things might not even be possible with heavy scripting, but I’m not afraid to take the dive and see for myself. Not only the functionality of blood orbs concerns me, but also the one modifier of the siphon spell that stacks to enhance other spells, since I basically would want to override every spell to make it more awesome (instead of just giving you a stat buff, duh).

Didn’t know that about shadow strike. Huh. Even so I wouldn’t want the player to become entirely invulnerable - I guess 100% dodge and spell resist could do. Just dots shouldn’t disappear, pretty much. Even so, I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy with that rift walk ability at all. :s

You may just set “DamageAbsorbation” to 100.0 and it will work :stuck_out_tongue: