[IDEA] Boxed sets - A way of conserving stash space and pleasing hoarders

The other day I was playing with a friend of mine, I looked at my stash of garbage that I will probably never use or need but still wont throw out and thought of a brilliant idea.

What if you could box complete sets into 2x2 or 3x3 boxes?

These boxed sets would take up way less space than entire sets in your stash. You could only box an item set if you have all the items of that set, for example you couldn’t have a 4/5 box. If you wish to take an item from the box, you would have to unbox the entire set and you could not box the remaining 4 items unless you get the 5th one.

You could make hubs have an npc who specifically boxes and unboxes item sets, you could even have a different stash where you can only put a single copy of each box and have it serve as a collection log of all the item sets in the game.

Obviously there may be design or functionability (if that’s a word) issues that I’m not aware of but I’d like to hear what you people think.

Seems unnecessarily complicated.
I remember some of the old Diablo 2 mods had similar functions and I never found them to be user friendly.

If you want more space you’re better off using one of the existing mods/programs since the devs probably won’t budge on the current size.

I like the idea but it doesn’t sound like something that’s likely to happen, it would be a lot of work to implement and there’s probably not that many players who feel strongly about it either way.