[Idea] Cole based prival strike transmuter

Since forum was resetted, I’m reviving this thread

I personally think primal strike need some sort of cold based transmuter, preferably as a class skill. There are several reason why I believe that:

  1. Shaman has build in cold damage enhancer on stormcaller pact, but only cold related skill he has is raging tempest from wind devil line, despite having 4 native vitality related skills(grasping vimes, devouring swarm, vendigo totem and transmuted stormcaller pact, despite mastery having no innate support of vitality damage. Right now only way for shaman to get cold on its skills is pretty much go with korba set
  2. There is two handed cold weapon clearly geared to trickster(Bane of winter king is primary example) but all those choises are inferiour to korba for obvious reasons. Cold based primal strike will open more cold build possibilities for trickster and additionally allow better cold based synergy for reaper

There is an obvious problem with torrent, since its damage can not be converted by transmuter(look at physicalbprimal strike for example) but I dont think its this big of a deal. Cold based Aoe can be recieved from other classes, like reapers transmuted bone pillar, or if its absolutely needed, torrent can be nurfet to around pf 85% of lightning damage it has today, but at the same time get equal amount of cold based damage. Despite providong more damage early on, it should become significally less potent at higher levels dew to resistances and damage bonuses. Simply speaking, once player get enough + lightning or +cold, second type of damage will pretty mich become neglegable.

Of course there are other skills that can be converted to cold for innate cold based damage, like cold based bleeding swarm, cold based grasping wine or cold based stormcaller totem, but looking at current itemisation I feel primal strike is the best candidate.

Try the updated Conduit of Wild Whispers next patch.

This is less about primal strike in particular and more about shaman getting some cold related itemisation independent skill for shamansince its exclusive skill has +cold on it but cold is pretty much only existed on wind devil second skill. If primal strike is out of picture, then maybe cold based transmuter for grasping vines(piercing and bleeding to cold and frostbite) however I’m not sure how can it be explaned from lore perspective. Maybe aethir indused mutation.