[Idea] Defiler "Fire Trap" Set

Since currently Defiler lacks item support I was thinking it’d be cool to add some kind of set to support Mortar Trap and Ravenous Earth

This provides support for Defiler builds and Trap builds simultaneously. I suggested Mortar Trap instead of Grenado (which I use on my build) since Ravenous Earth functions similar to a trap in many ways and thus it’d make more sense for the set to support to Trap skills

I personally don’t think this set’s pieces should take up ring, weapon and amulet slots because

-Ring and Amulet slot provide us with Vitality -> Fire Conversion which essentially fuel all the ADCtH sources the build can find. These are important as Defiler has NO heal skills

-The weapon slot is reserved for Bonespike which adds 2 second duration to Ravenous Earth and reduces CD on it a bit

Unless somehow the set can compensate for those things it shouldn’t take up those slots otherwise it’d turn it into one of those sets which are useless when completed and work well with partial set bonuses

I am not suggesting this because my build desperately needs it, in fact it doesn’t need it as I can already reliably kill anything in the game.
Playing Ravenous Earth plus Mortar Trap while testing gave me this idea and since I like Trap builds I decided to make this thread

I could’ve suggested Fire Drain Essence or Grenado+RoE set but I suggest this. It also make sense as we already have sets to support Runes and Storm Totem builds. So a Fire Trap Based Defiler set sounds really cool

I feel Mortar Trap shines with skills that slow, immobilize or stun the enemy or boost % crit damage as it’s damage output isn’t sky high. It also works well with skills that allow you to damage enemies whilst kiting eg stormbox.

I like Ravenous Earth but would not take it over BWC as aestheticically it’s not a fire skill (too much green).

If you had a set that gave a bonus which immobilized enemies but still worked on bosses and fit the defiler combo.
Eg “Ulzuin’s/Korvaak’s Grasp” - think scorpionesque hands from hell. Flaming hands errupt from the ground and hold enemies in place for 3 seconds. Etc.

I feel item support wise though they should introduce a 2-hander with bonuses to the bone wave attack (name escapes me). I use mythical blazeheart on my drain essence defiler and feel it works fine but I’m missing the amulet to make it work.

Fire is definitely the way to go for Defiler, as Aether/Vitality/Lightning already have much better class combos. They could certainly be competitive with additional skill modifiers though, like Aether RR on BWC or something. Ideas for other Defiler set skill combos that have unique niches…

  • Siphon Souls + Vindictive Flame/Ulzuin’s Wrath + Spectral Binding/Wrath. I like this as a lot of Necromancer skills are short range and/or centered around the player, and VF/UW fits that theme perfectly.

  • Mortar Trap + Ravenous Earth as Chthon suggested. Sit back and blow stuff up, always fun :slight_smile:

  • Bone/Soul Harvest + Fire Strike, with some WPS thrown in. Good for auto-attack builds. Perhaps throw in some Cold to Fire conversion on Bone/Soul Harvest as well.

  • Bone Harvest/Reap Spirit/Harbinger of Souls + Grenado/Cannister Bomb/BWC. CDR based Burn DoT build. With Demo being a great class for Burn damage and Necro being a great class for Vitality Decay, the Vit --> Fire conversion should yield some pretty nice Burn numbers compared to other classes.

Ideas I definitely wouldn’t focus on…

  • Drain Essence + anything. DE is already done so much better on different class combos, and a Fire Drain Essence would seem silly when Flames of Ignaffar is basically the same thing. I don’t know what kind of skill modifiers you would add to a set like this that would make it remotely comparable to a Spellbinder.

  • Pets. Unfortunately the name of the game for Necro pets is DPS DPS DPS, and Occultist takes the cake in Fire damage (Storm Spirit + Hellfire), ease of Fire RR, AND pet numbers. Again, can’t think of any skill modifiers you could add to make a set like this remotely comparable to Cabalist.

On the topic of Lightning Necromancer, I had this sweet idea -http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64486

Snazz already posted a build around Vindicative Flame


He doesn’t use Ulzuin’s Wrath. For this to work perfectly they need to modify Ulzuin’s Wrath’s functionality and make it work similar to Spectral Wrath

I like the idea though

+1 to this :stuck_out_tongue:

This is actually doable even now. I could post it although it’d have to wait since I have other builds lined up

Why Reap Spirit, is it because the devs intend to be Necromancer’s “Doom Bolt”
The Vitality Decay on it scales with pet bonuses

This sounds nice as honestly we could use some more diversity for burn builds

I can understand where you’re coming from but entrapment in general doesn’t work on Bosses so something like that won’t really make much of a difference
As for Ravenous Earth being green if I am not mistaken then they can swap RE animation with Fissure for such a skill mod

And yes Bone Harvest is nice, they could give us something around that set and Grenado. 2 “nukes”