Idea Discord modifier of Cadence

For those who don’t know the new patch was an uproar of changing Cadence transumter from physical to element converstion into physical to lightning.

What about 3 transmuters (independently selected) one for each element.

Thus you could transmute only to (on of): fire, or lightning, or cold.

Or you could go neopoliton and select all three.

Or you could pick only 2 example fire, cold

Obviously it gets unafordable to have to pay 9 transmuter skill points to go neopolitan. So only make 3 skill points for: fire, cold, or lightning (all said and done so 3 points to max out all possible transmution including each element but only 1 transmuter skillpoint spent for only 1 element (eg lighting which started the whole ball rolling). Give enough conversion for mono-element affordable. Neo tri element we will need to ask the big dogs if a build can be made with gear though not necessarily top of the meta of course… just viable.

This would be nice, but if that possible I know a large number of others skills I would like to add transmuters to.
I say this change would make the skill overpowered in comparison to other skills that typically have far harder time converting the damage to the desired element.

It would make it very flexible to have exactly the conversion you desire. As far as overpowered I am far from a theory crafter so I don’t know. But I know the conversion as it was before the patch was very far from being overpowered with most people only choosing it cause it sounds/feels cool rather than performance against benchmarks.

If it didn’t make it OP this way of having so much flexibility could make even more possibility. It would give soldier access to any permutation of the elements: Just cold, Just fire, Just lightning, Cold and Fire, Cold and Lightning, Lightning and Fire, or All three. So you could make a cold Blademaster or a Fire/Lightning Commando or an “all three” tactician. I think the possibilities would be “cool” but I don’t know if overpowered or if this would be possible to implement granting “the engine” or whatever computer terms that I wouldn’t understand anyhow; ha.

If you have to turn it into a single element skill, make it cold. Fire and lightning both have existing auto attack replacement already, cold not having one is a bit of a hole in the balance of the game (outside of one specific set). Anyway I’m very much in favor of keeping it elemental.

@Avyctes, that’s a good point on cold auto attack replacer AAR. This idea you could do that at your option but you would also have other options.