Idea for changing ranged Fighting Form

Hello fellow fans of Grim Dawn,
since I’m currently leveling a Pierce ranged DW Tactician (named ‘Pierce Brosnan’) I noticed that Cadence as an ranged auto attack replacer lacks some AoE. With Fighting Form maxed you get 100% chance of piercing the target but enemies won’t align for you in a straight line most of the time. Additionally the third Cadence hit overwrites any WPS that would have been procced. So to adjust for that I thought it might help to add additional projectiles to Cadence through Fighting Form while the chance of piercing could be kept. I think this would help Cadence to keep up with Fire Strike as an auto attack replacer with its high AoE from Explosive Strike and Brimstone. Thanks for reading. Replies are highly welcome.

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Jaxxon’s proc style? Count me in. Not exactly sure if it would be easily implemented. Or maybe it would be grossly OP? But interesting suggestion indeed.

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Yes something like Jaxxon’s proc is what I thought of. This way ranged Cadence builds would get more reliable AoE even if you’re unlucky and don’t proc your AoE WPS. The number of projectiles could scale with the rank of Fighting Form and if it turns out too strong the chance of piercing can be lowered.

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