Idea for Iskandra set

Currently, Iskandra set is best played focusing on fully converting to fire as much as possible. This is because the way the conversions on it play out. Any elemental damage you get gets converted into fire dominantly on the skill’s %weapon damage, and fire has better support overall in the end.

What if instead of having Cold > Fire and Lightning > fire though, what if it had 100% elemental > elemental, perhaps even as a global modifier, not just a TSS modifier?

This would make it automatically equalize all 3 damage types wherever possible, and would play well with the Aether > elemental conversion on the set. It would also make the set’s impact be far more felt. It wouldn’t just be the 3rd TSS set, it would also be the true elemental focus set.

Yeah crate could do this, but then the Gameplay Discussion and Classes, Skills and Builds subforums frontpage woukd be filled by:

-How does Iskandra conversion work?
-Conversion question
-WTF crate does iskandra conversion do?
-[GUIDE] Conversion mechanics
-[Question] elemental ton elemental conversion?

I can already see it.