[Idea] Functional ideas related to toggle buff skill operability

This is an idea (request) for toggle buff skills only.

1. How about removing the motion from the toggle buff skill?
2. And how about adding an option window that allows to register all toggle buff skills in one hotkey and pressing the hotkey to turn all toggle skills on immediately?

The reason why I came up with this idea is described below.

Currently, we regularly use 4 to 5 or more toggle buff skills for many builds.
And since we use more active attack skills and temporary buff skills,
many players register toggle skills with other skill bars and switch between skill bars.
In the early days of GrimDawn,
where there were no enemies performing dispel attacks, these were not a problem.
I think that toggle buff skill motion was also effective as a kind of flavor to add fun to the game.

But now,
When we were dispelled, at the point of rebuilding our position,
I feel that the skill bar switching and toggle buff motion are only troublesome and stressful elements.

The Function to instantly activate all toggle buff skills with one key,
I think it will provide a more sophisticated and smooth gameplay.

In addition, this feature provides the following elements:
When new users playing the upcoming Xbox version of GrimDawn with only a gamepad,
Each time they repeat a new session,
There is also an advantage of not giving them the complicated operation of enabling multiple toggle skills by switching the skill bar with the gamepad.

Thank you for your consideration.

I took this seriously and tried hard to write.
I hope there is no reply like “It should be done with MOD” or “Build a macro with an external tool”.

I forgot to say,
I always respect and appreciate the development team’s passion and dedication.
Thank you so much!

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