[Idea] Inventors can transmute/reroll completion bonus on your relic

Crafting a mythical relic already takes relatively long time and a lot of resources, so having some control over the process is a positive thing. It’s far less frustrating for a player to simply reroll for some fair cost, rather than being stuck with an absolutely useless bonus.

Especially if we are talking about future console players with no access to certain… tools :smiling_imp:


I like that idea.

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I’m a purist Gdstasher so I shouldn’t care about this but +1. I like this idea.

Same, +1


I like this idea. For me SSF with no GDstash, crafting the top relics is a major hassle. Yes rewarding to complete it but seeing crap rolled bonus sucks. Some of the Mythical Relics require another mythical to craft. It takes a lot of time and resources.

I’m also for anything that reduces the crafting RNG factors since realistically you’re not going to recraft a lvl 90 relic to get a better roll or completion, or at least not more than a few times.

This was suggested previously, which does not diminish your post…just noting that it is a requested and desired thing.
So +1

Many players save-craft, GDstash, or pump out 10-20 iterations to get some desired variables. I generally like self-found play, but the current implementation is imho rather archaic rng design (30yrs old pure rng).

Also GD is very item-centric (80%-ish), so this is actually a dominant part of this game.

I will note that the set transmute added in FG is a huge improvement. This kind of controlled rng is more intresting.

Great idea. +1

Honestly, I would love if we could’ve chosen what crafting bonuses we can get on our relics and other gear.

Because right now it looks like this:

Hey, what’s up, Angrim, remember how I didn’t kill you in that bog and got you this sweet blacksmith gig in DC?
Yeah, what’s up, man!
Yeah, I am going to need you to craft those beautiful boots, I need them to save mankind, here are all the components and the blueprint.
No problem, that’ll be 300k iron.
Uhm… Okay, can I get %armor bonus on them then?
Nah, man, Imma add some of that sweet Pierce res, you are welcome!

If game engine would support this - then definitely +1 from me

+1 to this. I would go as far as suggesting a reroll option for conduits too.

+1 Good Idea!

But please don’t make it cost Eldritch Essence too, that’s already too hard to farm :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a very good idea. One thing I really hate in GD is that feeling when I spend hours with farming the mats for a lvl90 relic and then get a shitty roll. :unamused:

Pretty sure it does support this, it’s basically transmutation.

One idea: add a new transmutation interface at the Inventor NPC next to the two existing ones. But instead of transmuting a set item into another one, you would transmute any relic into the same relic.

Another idea: allow relic transmutation in the already existing interfaces for same-set and random-set transmutation. That way you would also have an option to transmute a relic into a different, random relic (of the same level).

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Hmm, as much as I like the Idea, I somehow don’t see this feature in the game. Rerolling on the touch of a button just seems too easy for crate to consider :stuck_out_tongue:

But how about this: Make it possible to dismantle relics, so we get back some of the used recouces (maybe one or two of the needed relics and some scrap), so we still have to pay a considerate amount of stuff to craft it again, having to farm a part of the specific resources we initially needed for crafting the item.

Also +1 to this.

The game already has rerolling set items and legendaries though.
As long as the cost was reasonable (i.e. not too cheap nor too expensive), I don’t see a problem with this.

A bad roll on a high end Relic is very unsatisfying considering the effort that goes into crafting one, and being able to roll for a specific completion bonus could allow for some further build fine-tuning that wasn’t available previously, without being game breaking.

Yes. But you only can reroll set items, and not any legendary. In any case the rerolling we have changes the item we have to another one.
Sure, you can reroll a whole set that way, but I think it serves the main purpose of enabeling everyone to actually get a whole set at all, without trading and/or extensive farming. There is no rerolling that just changes the stats, while the item stays the same.
I agree with you, that it is very unsatisfying to roll a bad bonus, and I also would love easy rerolling, but I just don’t think this “simple” method fits the way the devs want the game to be. That’s what I meant by “I don’t see it in the game”

We have to sell our suggestion well :wink:

I think it mostly depends on the cost. If it were to cost a good amount of materials and bits it wouldn’t be all that easy.
As someone else mentioned, a similar UI is already there for it so I don’t think it’s completely unlikely for it to be added.

Keep in mind it’s just +1/+1 to two individual skills or a small stat boost from a universal Relic, so it’s not a massive power boost if you were able to roll for a specific one.
And then there’s the extra factor of having a good roll on the stats with a “wrong” completion or the other way around.
Assuming the first point of the reroll fee, it could be a good middle ground between being stuck with a poorly crafted Relic that you can’t change and having to make a complete new one.

That is right. Especially when some very specific bonus is needed, many rolls will be potentially necessary. In case it would cost the same as it does for legendary set items, that wold be a whole lot of recources. So yeah, “easy” may not be the proper expression.