[Idea] Item mixing feature?!

so i just tought about this, and how cool it could be if you could mix two items, and get a new one that inherits the stats of the previous two, kinda like a lottery that could pay off if you’re lucky!

yay? nay? stfu? lol

edit: ofc it wouldnt inherit all the stats, lets say an item can have 5 stats total, and you put in two items with 5 stats each for a total of 10, but the resulting item would still only have 5 mods, and you’d lose the rest, but could end up with something awesome for your build.

Interesting idea, never gonna happen for GD though.

why you think that though? i don’t see how it fundamentally detracts from the core concept of the game. Could make it so it just works on green itens, to prevent it from being too OP.

Mixing two dual yellow affixes green to create double rare? :nerd_face:

Some people would argue that combining greens would be even scarier then combining purples :upside_down_face:

If I were making an ARPG loot hunter game I’d have a crafting system where you disenchant magic or rare item to get one of the affixes and can use that disenchanted material to enchant a white item. In the context of grim dawn, a yellow item would have fifty - fifty chance of getting either affix. For single rare, it would be maybe 33% chance to get the rare affix and twice as likely to get the magic affix. Double rare would be 50-50 either one. So there is a chance that you don’t get the affix that you want - that keeps the gear dropping being valuable while crafting gives you a chance if RNG has failed you numerous times. Once you have disnechanted two affixes that you desired (one prefix one suffix) you take it to the crafter and use some components or iron + a white item and get the item that you want. The price should increase a lot for rare and double rare.

AWESOME! right? and it wouldn’t be so easy, you’d probably have to farm lots and lots of the two items to mix until you got exactly what you want for your build.