[Idea] Let's change Iskandra set again to match with "Iskandra"

This set was recently changed to focus on Trozan. But this is “Iskandra”. So I think this set needs to be reviewed again. For that purpose, I will propose some ideas.

Idea as Chaster type

  • How about focusing on Devastation instead of Trozan? This is the only attack skill in Arcanist that does not include a person’s name, and also requires Off hand, so it matches the set contents.
    Give weapon damage and DoT as item bonuses.
    And with 100% Aether Converted to Elemental, you can dye meteor showers in purple.

  • How about giving enhanced Obliteration to full set bonus skills?
    For example:
    This is ideal for filling up the cool time of Devastation and for the purpose of draining plenty of energy.
    If there is weapon damage, you can get the effect of Iskandra line better, and ensure survival while continuing to hit ADctH by stacking items and constellations. Or simply add ADctH. In this case, however, the flat damage and DoT of Iskandra line are meaningless.

Idea as AA type

  • return to the original state. In other words, instead of focusing on specific attack skills, it gives bonuses to the Iskandra line and defense.

  • The biggest problem is that there is nothing that consumes excess energy.
    The best idea is to change the offhand to another piece. (Or 4 sets)
    This greatly expands the range of weapon options. You may be able to use a shield such as Turrion’s Reprisal that no one uses. (In that case, you may need to give the item a retaliation bonus.)

  • If involved in Off hand, you need to add something to consume a large amount of energy.
    How about adding an aura that consumes a lot of energy?
    A defensive aura like Sacred Texts of Menhir. A huge health regen, +% DA, and maximum all resist are also very helpful.
    Or as in the Blood Orb of Ch’thon, you may want to convert more than one attribute to completely Elemental.
    Current offhand proc skills can be transferred to other parts or full set bonuses.

  • It’s also a good idea to change from caster armor to heavy or medium armor and give enough armor as melee / renged AA.

In this way, the constellation can be made more aggressive by maximizing the defenses with items.
Yes, I can afford to use Attak Seru!
Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of skill points on MSPs and mirrors that most people use. That means you can afford to invest in any other skill. Contributes to diversity.

Well, thank you for reading the long sentence. And I’m sorry if it was difficult to read.
I’ve written so far, but the simplest solution is to remove Iskandra from the set. lol

Hey, @Zantai, if there are any points of interest, please consider them.

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a -1 from me simply because I like this set and having it changed would make me very sad.

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I wouldn’t have gone with Trozan’s for this set, but it turned out nicely. I’m against reworking a perfectly viable set because of flavor.

I’d only propose changing the Mirror modifier on the amulet to an IEE modifier. Using Mirror offensively on a cooldown-based build is meh compared to channeling builds.

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It does not need to be review again.

Also no need to tag me.

Yes, I understand. Thank you very much.