[Idea] More damage type focused masteries

Some masteries, like Nightblade or Necromancer, focus mainly on a particular damage type, like cold or vitality (respectively) but not every damage type is covered (talking about mainly, not secondary). For example, we don’t have any bleeding damage as a main damage type in any mastery, bleeding is only a secondary damage type.
It would be nice to see a mastery that focuses mainly on, let’s say bleeding and secondary on e.g. piercing damage. As for now bleeding can be enhanced as a main damage type, but no mastery features a good, strong focus on it. We can go Occultist, Nightblade, Soldier, Shaman or Necromancer (kind of…) for bleeding damage, but none of those masteries offer a skill we can base on (main skill). We’re forced to use skills that support bleeding, that’s nice, but we never can have a skill, like Forcewave or Fire Strike, that makes us able to apply bleeding as our main damage type. We always need to follow it up with another damage type, like Vitality or Physical/Pierce, because the only thing we can do is to apply a bleed DoT and either keep attacking only to refresh it or to deal a very small amount of our sec… I mean main damage type which is (apparently) not bleeding.

I know we can get free 90% bleeding resist by playing Occultist + Shaman, but then we don’t have a damage source we can rely on. Yes, we can go Shaman + Soldier or Soldier + Nightblade, but, then again, we have no RR. I managed to reach 100% (exactly 100) bleeding RR (or more like particularly 72% bleeding resist reduction and 28 all resist reduction), but even though I can only use Savagery or Blade Arc as my main damage sources (which again are not mainly focused on bleeding).
We also have no damage -> bleeding conversion, which would also solve such problem. Conversion to bleeding could work in every way, what do I mean is we could easily be converting % physical damage to bleeding damage per X seconds. For example, Gloves will be weaker and convert our physical damage to bleeding damage per 5 seconds, while our chest will convert physical damage to bleeding per 2 seconds, and it would merge to bleeding damage per [seconds FromGear] / [gearPiecesThatGrantSuchConversion], so for example, (2 + 5) / 2, for total of 3.5 seconds of bleeding.

I know bleeding wasn’t supposed to be a main damage type, but then we can easily look at set items that… wait, what? They focus mainly on bleeding? Yes, this is what I mean.
I don’t say everything should be converted to bleeding. Particularly, physical harm and piercing harm might cause bleeding, so pierce -> bleeding and physical -> bleeding conversion would work pretty well. Such conversion could be gained from devotions or rings only. Or give a particular ring set(s) that convert one from two, physical or pierce to bleeding.

Imagine how much fun would players have if we wanted to convert 100% of our physical damage to bleeding per 3 seconds, we have 3000 base (this means without any bonusses) damage and we convert 100% of this damage to bleeding per 3, so we now have additional 1000 base bleeding damage per second and now our damage increased by 50k, but we also only apply bleeding with basic attacks. Such conversion should be optional, because some people like to have it as their secondary damage type and some as primary.

Here, my damage on a theorycrafted bleeding (main damage type) character:

1110% physical damage and 2482% bleeding, with permanent buffs only.

So like how would you make enemy bleed to begin with w/out applying some force first?
Suppouse instead of tweaking w/masteries one could say add a hidden proc to blade weapons, something like on crit causes extra bleeding damage under 5 s equal to damage dealt?
Which would naturally f-up balance.

That’s another problem too. I personally would like to see a small percentage of conversion (maybe up to 50% at max? still it might be a bad idea to have conversion to bleeding, but we could try, no?), but skills based on bleeding would be way better, since we do not really have many of them or strong. Yes we have some skills that we can base on, like Blade Arc (which is probably the only one) but then we mostly deal physical/weapon damage than bleeding.

Blade weapons applying bleeding would be a cool idea, can’t deny. Instead of converting the physical damage to pierce (armor piercing) they could convert it to bleeding (per X seconds) if a particular item bases or supports bleeding. Or better yet, have a chance to deal the weapon’s damage as bleeding damage per X seconds upon landing a hit. For example, we hit a target for 120k damage, and we have 20% chance for open wounds that would deal 120k bleeding damage over 3 seconds after attacking (that’s only an example, we would be using base damage as in every conversion).

I would really just want some more love for bleeding damage type and probably other types that I don’t think about right now.