[Idea]Multiple level transmuter for Raise Skeletons

It’s a bit annoying that you can’t control what type of skeletons will be summoned by Raise skeleton skills. So how about making a single transmuter with multiple levels(like demo ones) that would give player more control of what he summon. This transmuter would be positioned after Will of Cript and allow to lock summons in specific type. Something like

Undead Formation(4 levels): Your mastery over dead reach such a level that your legions begin to understand basic tactics. No longer they are ragtag bunch of undead monstrosities, but instead an orderly legion of the dead
1)Always summon Skeleton Warriors
2)Always summon Skeleton Archers
3)Always summon Skeleton Arcanists
4)Always summon Skeleton Revenants

While its a huge boon for pet cabalist/ritualist to have guaranteed vit aura enhanced revenants, it is also quite a hefty investment as 4 points is not that easy to come by. And after all, nothing stop players to stand and resummon skeletons until he get type he wants

Except the random nature of summons done in sets of 3 or more. It’s supposed to be neigh impossible to get all of the same type (cept the weaker ones w/ poor investment) as what you purpose would require serious nerfs to either the power per mage/knight skele or serious nerfs to the max number of skeles.

But then we also come down to the fact that with pet builds already being high skill point investment build, since they need a lot point for summons lines and skellies already consuming huge amount of points for itself and now it will need not one, not 2, but 4 point additionally. You’ll have to pull it from something

But if it actually big problem, transmuter can also have effects like

  • 33% skeletons summoned
  • 50% max summon limit

This can be explained as it require much more strengh to rise and control more orderly formations

Being able to choose which skellies you get has been asked for several times.

Choosing is a bad idea since Revenants and arcanists are much more potent then archers and especially warriors so no one if he could actually choose summoned anything other then them. So if you want stronger skellies guarantee it should require points investment. Additionally this point investment should not be subject to +necro skill boosts, since its so potent. Thats why I propose this transmuter - transmuters AFAIR are not subject to +skill boosts, so player will have no way other then poutring points into it. And it absolutely should not be 1 level transmuter as skellies are not interchangeable in their abilities