[Idea] Napalm Shells. Skill transmuter to Demolitionist's Mortar

Transmuter | lvl50, requiring “The Big One” and located above it.

Mortar no longer deals any direct damage. All its direct damage is instead - dealt as its damage over time equivalent - over 5 seconds. 100% of Chaos and Aether damage converted to burning damage for mortar. Enemies taking damage over time from mortar can not regain health.

-33% firing speed to mortar.
+66% total damage to mortar.

All right, that’s an obvious trolling at this point. And that’s not even funny anymore…


I think Ouro is making his way to being recruited as a game designer for Grim Dawn 2.

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The idea was to have mortar firing slower, but get a total damage buff to compensate. As well as having the mortar only deal damage over time for those of us that enjoy playing DoT builds. I’m not sure what makes you think I’m trolling, if the numbers are unbalanced they can simply be changed.

Unless you think the base idea is bad in itself? By having a transmuter for mortar having stronger DoT potential and less up-front damage?

mortar transmuter skill should be: Trolley - mortar is placed in a tiny little cart player drags after him, making it a mobile pet

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Torchlight 3 vibes. :d

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Bonus points if every Mortar shot leaves a patch of burning Fire on the ground for those 5 seconds.

If I’m going to scorch the earth, I’m doing it right damnit.


Hold on, I was under the impression that non DoT dmg can’t be converted into DoT and vice versa?

Because if that can be done, I have a long list of pet changes to suggest, starting with Physical to bleed and vice versa for Briarbutts :3

Yup, this is true. You can’t convert Bleed to and from anything for instance, it just doesn’t exist in the engine as of now.

This as well would not work. It would have to be to Fire damage. Though I’m not sure why the above conversions are necessary when there are no modifiers or ways of adding Aether damage to Mortar Trap, and the only source of Chaos damage that could be converted is a relatively small portion on Demo’s Conduit, a very remote piece of gear.

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Yep, that’s why I say it’s a troll, a very poor one at that as well. Guy posts on the forums for like 2 months, but suggests converting aether damage to burn on mortar. Yeah, that’s not troll at all! XD

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Maybe… he just didn’t know.
You can probably modify the skill to remove aether/chaos add burn damage of the same value aswell with modding.

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As shown in the simulation above, Mortar needs to explode before hitting a target for this to be possible.


Or be like this:



Ok forget it lol :slight_smile:

Guess I didn’t think it through. I’m just so hyped for chaos dwarves in TW:Warhammer 3 and their apocalyptic artillery. What do you say XandeRoot? Can we compromise? If you play Shaman+Demo, Mortar gets attached to the Briarthorn’s back permanently?

Maybe mortar could simply be a shoulder option for demo. The mortar is limited to one, but is mounted permanently on one shoulder. You know… Like in the movie Predator, but with a mortar.

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Yeah, and rename the skill into “M202 Flash” XD

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You just made me remember Battleforge :blush:

image image image


Maybe in GD2… we can mount the mortar on the Briarthorn. Hmm come to think of it, pets having their own skill trees would be awesome. With some mutually exclusive skills. For example, armor plating for the head OR fire breath. Cannon for an arm, or a sawblade. Sort of like a body part inventory, mounting stuff on our pets. Infuse them with armor.

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