(idea)Shared Iron

When I first started Grim Dawn I made a character and ended up really destroying the ability to respec as the costs to do so are 12k per point I think now or maybe even more. So, decisions have consequences and I get that, but as I have moved along the game and learned more about how to spec and to be much more careful about points my other characters have accumulated quite a bit of iron. Millions in fact, but I cannot see how I can get that to my original character for another lease on life. Maybe I am missing something and please feel free to inform me.

With that said, I wanted to submit the idea that Iron would be shared across the board with respect to HC and SC characters. I do not use mods or anything to change my account, but perhaps I should? Just feels wrong. So essentially we would have one iron amount and any character could use it. HC would be separate from SC.