[Idea] Skill Transmuter for Raise Skeletons

Something I’ve been thinking for a while; what if there was a skill transmuter coming from Raise Skeletons that turned them into some sort of “Blight Skeleton” or something that only lives for a few seconds and attacks by running at enemies and exploding.

Could have it so that the explosion damage scales off of their health (So pet life increases are beneficial) and is amplified by “Summon Limit”.

Thus giving an alternative playstyle where instead of summoning an army of skelewags, you instead just chuck exploding skeletons at enemies, because who doesn’t like exploding skeletons?

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Hellhound also has explosion on death too.

Well, there’s still a difference between “Explosion on death” such as the Blight Fiend and Hellhound and having an attack which is to explode and die.

The Unstable Anomaly transmuter is close, with its timed life for Blight Fiends… But it’s not really “Homogenizing” since it’s still different in the function as well as other pets are not also getting a similar thing.

If anything, it’s more “Thematic” since you could end up picking up this transmuter AND Unstable Anomaly and try and make a pet build around both of these pets being limited time with AoE death procs.

As mentioned, Blight Fiend already does this with it’s timed death and Unstable Anomaly. Hellhound can be made to work the same with Shard of Lost Souls and Fleshwarped Archive to re-summon it repeatedly triggering it’s death every time.

At this point, I think all the masteries and skills are “set in stone”, as in, we’re not getting new ones, we’re not getting any removed. Only chance I see at any possibilities is transmuters being added in in response to a necessary balancing change rather than adding new functionality to a skill whose playstyle would suddenly need new support and need play testing to balance it appropiately, and even that seems slim as certain playstyles like 1-handed Blade Arc that the community has asked for a transmuter for hasn’t happened in favour of Crate just buffing the items to support it + adding in new ones.

Exploding disposable Skeletons if that’s something that interests you sounds more suited to a mod I’d think.

acid skeletons would be dope

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