Idea/tips for new player

Hi i recently purchased grim dawn with all the dlc :wink:

Im new to the game i started with a necromancer + occultist i’m lvl 55 but it didn’t go well i fucked up with my skill points ahahah.

I’m gonna start a new game with a brand new character i was thinking about a tank with damage reflecting ( i dont know if this is existing in the game but if its exist i would like to know if this is viable)

Does somebody have a build or tips for beginner player like me :upside_down_face:.

To be honest i kinda suck too but i have fun right ?

Welcome to the game and the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best to have a look at the beginner builds section here

I don’t think reflect exists much in the game now, but there are a few retaliation builds around - probably not the best thing to start with though. Try a beginner build, learn how the game works and then look at making one of those for your next character.

And you can always buy back skill points - and devotion points too - at the Spirit Guides you’ll find scattered around in the game. In the Ashes expansion content you’ll also get potions as part of some quest rewards which can reset your attribute and devotion points for free.

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I always recommend this official guide to help understand the basics:

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Read the guides from here
for example

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Thanks all i’ll read that before i start :smile: