Idea: Traveling Junk Man NPC

What I would like to see (beyond a unique set piece transmuter as in the upcoming FG) is a Junk Man npc that can take all your worthless white, yellow, and green junk; break them down to unique parts; and then re-combine them into novel unique items or ammo not found in drops or stores. This game really needs a Fred Sanford.

Thinking back on Fallout 3 I remember some of the unique gear you could piece together from various junk/parts. They couldn’t be purchased or found in loot drops but were unique and fun to play with.

You do know the inventor’s apprentice can break stuff down for rare materials, components, etc.

As Medea said, you can “Dismantle” items for random components including the occasional rare components (Brains, Hearts, Eyes, etc) and even skeleton keys.

In terms of the worthless items, it’s not an efficient use of time to pick it up and sell. Leave that garbage on the ground and move on. You’ll earn more iron killing things and picking up iron and useful items, then the garbage.

Yup -she can blow stuff up good. :smiley:

Actually, I mean breaking down ordinary yellow/green/whatever stuff into new components which in turn can be made into something new like a slingshot that knocks em down on fire or some such.

I agree with ibugsy but What If… some of that seemingly worthless stuff could (maybe randomly) be made into something unique/useful?

This has been asked for before, and from what I’ve gathered, the feeling is you leave trash on the ground and move on. I highly doubt the devs will spend resources on doing this.

Game already has too many components so definitely not going to add more. And also no new animations either.

Valid point. I’d posted similar thread on Steam discussion thread and somebody said devs are too busy with FG -and then I remembered reading somewhere they’re also porting GD over to xbox with all expansions -including the forthcoming FG. So they undoubtedly have too much on their plates as is.

Ah well, maybe a mod maker will possibly add wandering npc’s & stuff later. The community is pretty big. I’ll keep extraneous ideas quiet.

Expansion, port to Xbox and a new game in the works as well so yes, Crate are a bit busy atm. :smiley: