[IDEAS] A list of ideas

Hi, here are some ideas which i think could improve the game, i hope you will enjoy them !

-It would be nice to be able to rename our characters !

-Faster access to cronley, kymon and death’s vigils Nemesis, I find the amount of time necessary way too high, its not possible to get max infamy without hours of boring farm. When you reach ultimate, it would be nice if only one ore two hours were needed. Maybe increase the infamy given by the bounty tables ?

-Nemesis always drop Warrants (or increase droprate)

-More movement speed for pets like the little raptor, etc

-suppress or change the sound of the crystal pet

-More shared space (i know i know you were not expecting this) i played 1600 hours with my 10 characters, it becomes difficult to keep every interesting things, not to mention the time it takes to navigate through all the characters to find what I’m looking for…and i would love to have room necessary to keep the green items

-Make the sound of warcry looks like a real warcry ! :D.

-If possible, increase the number of sounds that can be played simultaneously

-when you have nearly every scheme it becomes incredibly rare to loot a new one,
I think it would be nice if the drop rate was increased in endgame or if we could buy random ones in more dungeons. I also thought about a kind of currency that we could create to buy legendary items

-Some option to choose the main menu background

-Just suspend the buffs (gray tint/red cross) when we change weapons instead of turning them off. same thing with the arcane mobs because it’s really annoying and unnecessarily frustrating to have to leave the fight to reactivate everything one by one

-Relic bonus reroll

-A possibility to reroll mutators in shattered realm

-In shattered realm, portals could spawn just next to the player to save time and make progress more dynamic

-Display “item skill modifiers” on skills in the skilltree like in Grimtools

-Display when there is too much skill points assigned in the same skill like in Grimtools

Thanks for reading me !


Of all these, I both like and think the ability to rename characters is the most realistic.

EDIT: reasoning is some things already exist in acceptable levels such as shared space, and rifts spawning by the player in SR (not all the time but sometimes)… Where others I may not fully understand what you’re expressing (IE; warrants dropped by nemesis? Aren’t warrant purchased at faction vendors only?), and suspending buffs when switching weapons, you are talking specifically about temporary active effects such as Battlecry? Does this get canceled out if your current weapon provided the effect and you switch weapons?

At first glance the ability to re-roll mutators in SR is appealing, but you need to provide a way this could be done that could not be abused by players. Arguments have been made for greater penalties for dying in SR, advocating for the ability to re-roll mutators could bring imbalance to the scales in the opposite direction without being properly implemented.

OR is that the answer? Greater penalties for dying but provide the ability to re-roll mutators?


Your thinking of writs and mandates, warrants are their opposite and have a chance of being dropped by a factions nemesis

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Ah! Thank you for that.

Not sure if it’s a good idea. Check out Fevered Rage and see what happens.

This is a great idea and would be so FRESH. Would open a multitude of new ways to theorycraft and play the game. But it’s not a new request, it’s been proposed a few times.

+1. Mutators suck. Not just for speedrunning where certain mutators are auto-alt+f4. Imo their effective strength scales too hard in SR.

But there remains a question of how exactly could that be implemented.

Just delete them from the game. Or have an option to disable them, that would be great.

Pretty sure it’s not happening. Mutators were specifically made to increase difficulty in the main campaign and SR.

Then you would have to get a loot penalty for that.

That would likely be ok.

Ohhhh yes !! +verymuch

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You can do that with GDstash

again, GDstash is the answer. Crate doesn’t want you to horde items en-masse, they want you to keep the best ones and sell/destroy/transmute the rest.

This is bothering me as well, 3k+ hours and still haven’t got all blueprints.
I recently started playing hardcore for the first time and it’s kinda sad to know that I’ll never get all BPs legit in years to come.

+1 to increase infamy from bounties, especially for Kymon and ODV. Since SR drops tons of MI from those 2 factions it is a complete waste of time to farm their Nemesis rep.

Weapon Switching doesn’t only remove your buffs but also your pets. This was introduced to prevent exploiting weapons with +X to skills. Having to recast everything everytime makes weapon switching completely useless during combat. I don’t think there is an easy solution to this dilemma, but suspending buffs is a good idea.

Or make it random like the loading screens

Despite all the great QoL updates, Relic crafting is still a pain, so anything that speeds up the process of getting the rolls I want is very welcome. Just make relics compatible with the transmute options at the inventor or, if that doesn’t work, make a new tab only for relics.


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i think the devs don’t want it to be too fast because these Nemeses are really easy to farm, especially KC/ODV, and unlike the Reaper (i guess that’s why Barrowholm Nemesis status is so easy to reach comparatively).

i guess a slight increase wouldn’t hurt

Yes that would be great ! the rest i don’t bother or disagree sorry :wink:

I do support those of your ideas:

  • ability to rename my character;
  • shared space: it is better to add scrollbar to shared stash (same size of screen occupied but can contain a lot more items).

I am OK with everything else. Maybe I’ll change my mind later.