Ideas for pet based masteries

Just thought I would post my ideas for masteries im thinking about making. Not sure if these will be released or not, but more of a mini project to give me something to do. Maybe it will be a nice inspiration for someone else, who knows. Small side note, they are pet themed masteries as I love pets too much and its the main reason I play rpgs, but I want to take a different approach to the pet themed ideas.

Editted this post - 25/10/2017

Started the Werewolf first, he is called WolfLord and is a human werewolf hybrid

Skills currently - WIP

Pet skills - more to come later including 3 small wolves and 2 spirit human pets which are based on player stats (light blue glow human dual wield, like ancestral spirits)

Summon Alpha Wolf - werewolf on hind legs using scavenger model

  • Basic attack - Claw - just a simple physical attack he simply swipes with his claws
  • Charge - Lunges at the enemy and cleave for physical damage, with chance to knockdown and causes bleed
  • Roar - Aoe debuff - causes pierce damage and reduces enemy defense and gives a chance to cause fear
  • Rabid Bite - Contagion poison spread, with a slow component and chance to immobolise

Active Skills - Early stages still

  • Feral Leap - blink charge 500% speed - Requires dual wield, charge at the enemy and hit with both weapons for % of main and offhand damage, adds bleed, knockdown and % of damage converted to hp
  • modifier 1 - Wolfsbane - temporary buff - adds 5% damage to health while active, bleed, pierce retaliation and stun retaliation
  • pet bonus modifier - wolfsbane - when the buff is active pets attack speed, bleed damage, bleed %, damage converted to hp, increased health regen
    This skill works great and is a good opener to send you and pet into a temporary frenzy state, it allows the pet to be part of you, not just passive

Passive skills - lots of these, to show weakness and strengths of werewolves

Passive 1 - Claws - allows dual wield, gives attack speed to you and pets
Modifier 1 - Superhuman strength - gives reduced requirement for 1h melee weapons and increased offensive ability (so you can dual wield early and hit more often
Modifier 2 - Night Vision - Chance on hit to cleave with both weapons, looks cool as it stabs with both, causes a small stun too, and physical damage, also pierce % increased to compliment other skills
Modifier 3 - Bright flashes - chance on crit buff - increased crit damage, offensive ability, offensive % but costs life per second (this is due to show sunlight and fire hurts werewolves but makes them frenzy) Will add pet component eventually too
Modifier 4 - High Alert - buff on hit - 5% movement speed ,attack speed increase, all damage increase, but reduced defense ability and 10% reduced chance to dodge and deflect - this is to show werewolves go into a blood craze but sometimes forget to defend as they are pure attack - will add pet component later

There are a lot more skills I have but unfinished yet, will update when they are.

Original Post Below

One is based on Gangs. Inspiration is Cronley’s Gang and this being a somewhat apocalyptic world. It will be Physical, Pierce, Fire damage.

The idea behind this one is that they are the last human resistance and have specialised in hunting the various factions around grim dawn. You are their leader and specialise in traps, explosives and leading the rest of the gang. It is a pet based class but with humans as opposed to monsters, and would be played with you as a close combat ranged character, so pistol and shield or rifle.

Skill ideas for Gang Leader

Passive Skills

  • Skill 1 is a chance on hit to summon a Lackey with a club, they last 8 seconds and are simple but nice to keep enemies occupied, more points equals better gear and chance to summon.
  • Skill 2 is a Warcry - chance on hit to buff the movement speed and attack speed of self and pets, should be short duration but not sure how long, the idea is that it inspires your pets to go crazy for a little bit.
  • Skill 3 Explosive belt, this is a chance when struck to fire a grenade around you, basically a cool defensive mechanism. This class as noted above would work well as pistol and shield which I like the idea as its quite unique.
  • Skill 4 undecided yet but I do want a fourth passive that are all single passives.

Active Skills

  • Skill 1 - Call the gang - This summons gang members at random similar to how the necromancer works with skeletons, the selection here is a Thug with a shield and 1h weapon, a gunman with a pistol, and a sadist with a 2h weapon.
    Upgrading it will increase the members upto max of 6.

  • Skill 1 Upgrade 1 - This will give the members a unique skill depending on their type, so the one with shield can taunt, the one with a pistol can do a volley shot, and the 2h weapon one can cleave and cause bleed.

  • Skill 1 Upgrade 2 - undecided

  • skill 1 Upgrade 3 - undecided
    This skill group will be the main pet skill, similar to how other classes have 1-2 pets.

  • Skill 2 Covering Fire - Summons 3 Arsonists for 8 seconds. They will throw grenades on summon, then use rifles as their main attack, they have a % chance to pierce and fragment, this will increase with skill points.
    This skill is based on the phalanx skill in a diablo 2 mod, and diablo 3 crusaders bowmen.

  • Skill 3 - Bear Trap (need cool name) - Places a Bear trap that stuns enemies for a short duration, increase number of traps and duration with skill points. The idea is that teamed with the pets they can lock certain enemies down and surround them or distract them.

  • Skill 4 - Throw a satchel charge - medium aoe, fire damage with burn.

  • Skill 4 transmute 1 - Throw 3 grenades instead, with 30% less damage each and smaller aoe.

  • Skill 5 - Passive - Human Resolve - Buff self and pets to take less damage vs cthonions, atherials and undead.

  • Skill 5 Upgrade 1 - Blessed Weapons - Increased Damage vs cthonions, atherials, undead.

  • Skill 5 Upgrade 2 - Increased Defense and Health Regen for self and pets.
    This skill group is to show we are specialised in hunting and defending vs the various types. This group will be at the bottom of the skill tree available at around the same time as occultists 2nd pet

  • Skill 6 - Execute! - Mark a target for execution, summons an assassin with dual daggers to assault an enemy for 8 seconds, starts as 1 summon, max 3.
    I like the idea of pets, but temporary pets I feel are a bit meh, so my idea with this is to give some control over that, by marking a target for assasination, maybe give the assasin more damage vs certain factions to show we are specialised in hunting them.

  • Skill 7 - Barbaric Rage - Summon a Gladiator (like Boris the master of the pit) to join you in battle for 30 seconds, he also calls in 2 bodyguards.
    The Gladiator does a Warcry effect increasing all your damage and pets and adds bleed damage to attacks.
    This skill is an end game style skill for 50 points invested, works sort of like a mini boss with his own crew who will buff everyone and go crazy. Long cooldown.

  • Default Weapon Skill - Charge up skill that increases attack speed by 10% upto 100% then unloads an explosive round.

  • Upgrade 1 - Chance to pierce and chance to fire a second round.

  • Upgrade 2 - undecided

  • Upgrade 3 - Undecided

  • Transmute 1 - Undecided
    This skill group is your main weapon attack and replaces default attack. I want it to have a chain of upgrades but unsure on how to take it yet, but will be ranged style. The transmute may involve some bonus if using rifles instead of pistols maybe.

The second Mastery is a Botanist - Although not fleshed out much, the idea is that they throw different jars like bombs, but each one is its own creation. So one will summons small insects to swarm the enemy, one will turn into a plant that spits poison, one will just be a poison cloud. They will also use a poison flamethrower as there main weapon skill, similar to warhammer skaven. They will also get buffs that are to mimick drinking different concoctions, and they will have good and bad effects. So this mastery is a mad doctor botanist sort of thing thats part druid, part alchemist.

The third mastery is a Werewolf style, but uses dual weapons instead of literally transforming, so they will get a charge ability, cleave, bleeding effects, shouts. A rabid bite effect that spreads disease. Summon multiple wolves to help out, like in titan quest. Buffs will be based on a wolf pack style call, and mimicking a full moon to go crazy. Essentially the class is a fast paced melee fighter that uses bleeds, poison, physical, acid and plays as a sort of side by side with pets, instead of a sit back and watch type thing.

The fourth mastery is a zombie lord. First ability summons zombies and you get more as you upgrade it, these are more like a meat shield that anything. Later on you can summon more specialised zombies, like fury / cold ones. End game skill will be an abomination pet with a poison aura and vomit attack. A bit like the werewolf mastery it will be more of a melee fighter except more like a tank using poison weapons and auras to fight alongside your own zombie army.

The last mastery I have been thinking of is a sort of Orc Shaman. Similar to the Gang Leader one, its based on your own little faction, this time orcs. You are the Warchief and summon in an army of orcs. This is a sort of dual mastery with totems and heals, and pet summoning. So Totems will have different buffs for you and pets, and you will have a chain heal and summon shamans to also help buff/heal. Its more of a step back and buff/totem/summon style of summoner. The idea being you are actively using various mechanics to make your pets do different things to handle different situations, you are the caster who focuses on making them the best they can be and keeping them in the fight.

Anyway I will fill out more details of the masteries as I think more. Just wanted to do some brainstorming and maybe inspire other people.

No idea if this has been fixed in AoM, but in vanilla GD, when your pet’s pet lands a killing blow you don’t get credits for it, which means loss of experience and you need to restart session if a quest objective was killed by your pet’s pet. So the gang leader is already fucked up…

Damn thats a shame, I may still do this just for something to do anyway. Thanks for informing me though.

Was thinking on what you said, and surely it would be possible to edit the Quests, so that instead of it being when a named character is killed, just make it so you have to hand in an item, and that item is 100% drop from the mob. Or a consumable drops and once consumed it completes the quest. Can’t imagine it would be difficult, maybe time consuming to edit all of them, but not difficult.

Gang Leader is a really unique idea, I think you can make it work.

I also love pet builds and am currently making a zombie summoner class, a “Bokor”. Not so unique but having fun being creative with the skills.

Not sure what you mean by pet’s pet, but pets dealing damage do give XP to your toon. Otherwise my pet based Conjurer wouldn’t be L91 in Ultimate. Iirc there was a bug with pets not giving XP, but that was fixed a fair while ago now.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:
I have started the werewolf first to get used to things again, not done this since titan quest about 2 years ago. But its getting quite far at the moment.
I will edit my original post to show the werewolves current skills - his name is WolfLord hes a human werewolf hybrid who is part of a pack.

Not included above, but ideas im working on today, will update the post if they work well without being too strong, class is basically about juggling strengths and weaknesses while working hand in hand with pets, sort of an active melee thing with pets side by side.

Passive Skill 2 - Superhuman Endurance - Increase max hp and health % regen
Passive skill 2 modifier 1 - Superhuman Durability - increase defense and armor
Passive skill 2 modifier 2 - Regeneration - heal x% per seconds, reduces poison damage by 50% (also affects pets)

Passive skill 3 - Lunatic flames - increase fire damage taken, reduce pierce and physical damage taken
passive skill 3 modifier 1 - undead hatred - increase damage to and from undead by 25%
This is to show that during luna events you are stronger but weaker to fire, and remember past grievances against undead, who are also stronger during these times

Passive skill 4 - immortality - if you hit 33% health, instantly recover to full, but reduce movement speed by 10% for 8 seconds (also works on alpha wolf, but no other pet)

Active Skill 2 - sense shifting - while in your human form you have maintained part of your wolf self, increasing your ability to spot weak points on foes

  • active ability with cooldown that causes all enemies within 12 yards to take x% more damage for X seconds

Active Skill 3 - Guidance - Summon the souls of past werewolves, - spirit werewolf people (blue glow humans that dual wield and summon a wolf each)
This is sort of a spirit link to the past clan elders, you are now the new elder but can call on them temporarily. Will be high end skill.

Alpha Wolf Modifiers or transmute maybe?
Werewolfs Curse - alpha wolf ability, reduce all other pets damage by 50% but increases his damage received by 25%
This is show a blood link between the pack.

I have made a new thread in the projects section and will update there, I have also included preliminary testing on the Wolflor mod, just download the link in that thread and put it in mods folder.