IEE Arcanist skill, Warden's Judgment and pets


How deos IEE Arcanist aura work with pets? (Core skill, not Manifestation)

  1. Do pets (especially skeletons) get flat elemental damage?
  2. Do pets (especially skeletons) get energy leech? If yes, how effective can it be to drain mana from bosses and make them unable to cast spells?

I have found Wardens Judgment which gives some skillpoints to IEE and flat aether bonus to IEE. On top of that it converts physical damage on pets to aether damage.

  1. Will flat aether damage from Wardens Judgment be added to skeletons attack?
  2. How Wardens Judgment work with Master of Death? WJ will first convert physical damage to aether and then there will be no more physical to be converted to vitallity form MoD?

Currently as I pure Necromancer my char goes with dual Wardens Judgment (+rune to allow dual wield). I was thinking to go for Arcanist to use IEE with skeletons. On top of that dual wielding WD and Thypos devotion gives 30% physical resistance for pets. I am a casual player and I am aware that there are better pet builds but I think it is nice early game combo.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes.

  2. I would assume they get the energy leech? I don’t think you’ll be stopping enemies from casting spells though, going off of other builds I play with massive amounts of energy leech, including pet builds using IEE.

  3. The weapon’s base damage? No. The Aether damage it adds to IEE with the modifier? Yes.

  4. It’s not transmuter/skill modifier level conversion so it will occur at the same stage as Master of Death and even out with it. One Warden’s Judgment would work out to a split of ~66% Physical->Aether conversion and ~34% Physical->Vitality conversion to your pets. Two Judgments would work out to 80% Physical->Aether conversion and 20% Physical->Vitality conversion.

Even if you drain enemies dry, the mana costs are either 0 or very low and generally bosses have quite a lot of energy regen. You won’t stop them from casting unless you could cc them.

I was looking at that as well over grimtools monster database and I notice they also have massive amounts of energy. Common enemies have around 5000-10000 by end game, Heroes/Bosses/Nemeses can have as much as 5 or 10 times that. Even disregarding energy regen, it would take way too long to empty an enemies energy bar.

Guess that’s also the reason why they removed enemy energy bars, so not to confuse players much perhaps? Far away are the days when you could burn enemy’s energy and deal damage instead. Would fit Spellbreaker and Templar greatly.

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