If we talk about skill modifiers..

Ok so, before any news are published for expansion i suggested skill modifier in a different way such as D3’s one big dog instead 3 dogs conversion item of witch doctor. If skill modifier’s are not just damage conversions then we can have lots of new stuff.

For example, instead 3 storm totem allowance, allow 1 for bigger damage and lower cooldown. Or increase SOC radius while lessening adtch. Make primal spirit permanent while lessening stats and damage. Wind devil lightning-> bleeding conversion with new fx. Make mines magnetised when enemy is near and explode(like elemental seeker).

Aside from skill modifiers, we need projectile speed mechanic. Only mechanic can lighten up the challenge is that. It would take 2 months to balance it though:cry:.

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure the development of the expansion is way past the stage where they would experiment with fundamentally altering skill mechanics.

All your proposed ideas would certainly make builds easier to design, but the weaknesses of some of the skills give opportunities to shore them up and allow synergies to be made. For example, Star Pact from Arcanist allowing the shortest cooldowns possible letting Primal Spirit have much greater uptime and letting Emboldening Roar be essentially permanent. If the skills were designed “easier” to be up all the time, that synergy wouldn’t exist.