If you reach Nemesis while playing, do they spawn in that session?

Or do you have to restart to make them spawn? I just hit Nemesis with Cronley and I’m curious if I should restart just to get Fabius in my game or if he’s now a possible spawn somewhere.

Yes, they can, but it depends. I don’t think they spawn in an area you already been to in that session. You also need to trigger a loading screen for them to load into the world.

I have no idea where you got that from.

As Norzan said, they will not spawn in areas you’ve already cleared, and may not necessarily spawn at their other spawn points, but they can.

By triggering a loading screen, i mean rifting to another area or moving to another area through a gate. Because i don’t think they spawn into the world just through normal area transitions (like from Rotting Croplands to Gruesome Harvest).

Or do they immediately spawn into the world the second you reach Nemesis?

I have personally encountered a nemesis that I unlocked the very session I was playing, so I know they spawn.

They don’t, but spawns aren’t loading-screen dependent either. Every spawn occurs as you approach an area, even by foot. The loading screen is a loading screen because you’re just very suddenly entering an area you may not have approached before (among other reasons).

I honestly thought they immediately spawned at the beginning of the session. So each time you approach an area they can spawn, they have a chance to spawn there?

The loading screen thing was specific to the case of the OP, but i guess i was wrong.

Well, the first time you approach such an area, yes.

If everything spawned all at once, even if it wasn’t necessarily loaded into graphical memory, the game would run quite slowly. :smiley:

Thanks for the information. My question was answered shortly after when Fabius decided to block my way to Cronley…

He was five levels higher than me and I only died three times. I think that’s my first Fabius kill since the game was officially released since my Witch Hunter has horrible bleeding resists and it’s overcapped on my AAR Sorcerer.

Hard to imagine nemesis spawns work like that. Given a number of possible spawn locations and that a spawn is guaranteed the game would have to record all the visited locations it didn’t spawn at and increase the probability of choosing from the remaining locations.

I would think it more likely a spawn location is chosen at the start of a game. The spawn is gated with having nemesis rep so you could achieve nemesis rep in a game then visit the area containing the chosen location.

I am surprised someone hasn’t extracted from the game files and published a list of nemesis spawn coordinates. Just knowing the number of spawn locations for each would be helpful.

Algorithmically speaking, that’s a “naive” approach.

Alternatively, Nemeses could be spawned via proxies that only run if a reputation level is met, and if the proxy is loaded but the level is not met, the proxy could be unloaded from memory. Let’s have an example:

You’re running through the Blood Grove, where Benn’Jahr can spawn. The game has decided to put Benn’Jahr’s proxy in the Blood Grove and you happen upon it, but you are not yet Nemesis with the Chthonians. Because of this, the proxy doesn’t “run” and is immediately unloaded from memory, permanently disabling itself. You then run around and kill more Chthonians and eventually reach Nemesis with them. Sadly, Nemesis proxies are Unique Entities:

This means that though the proxy has been manually placed in several areas, only one will ever be chosen to be added to the world. Because you’ve already “rolled” (via a bounded, deterministic number generator) to have your explored-spot chosen, and having had activated this Unique Entity, no further ones can spawn.

My previous replies rather glossed over the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the spawn system. Hopefully this is clearer. :slight_smile:

Edit: In this vein, I suppose a spot has been “chosen” when you start a game…but that doesn’t mean it’s present yet. It’s been chosen by the seed of the game, randomly, and will only appear as you near it.

Edit 2: It’s entirely possible for the game to “choose” multiple locations, but then to only use one on an FCFS basis.

Reaching fraction-nemesis-level is a real issue for hardcore player.
I lost to chars to valdaran, when I reached it.
And yes, every time the nemesis-level was triggerd and I was in
the wardens cellar, I stumbled upon him … and died …, because
the char was not equipped for…FIRE(Lightning)-POWER OF THAT
So, next time, when nemesis-cap was reached, I was very very care-
ful an fast.

regards Arkon

Possible but not the case. I usually follow the same path looking for fabius. if the game had chosen two locations to spawn I would never find fabius at the last location of my path and I do.