If you were to build a Gaming PC

What would you build?

Limit: $1200 (including monitor)

Power Supply:
EE (everything else):

No keyboard or mouse needed

I don’t have the time to post something, but if you don’t already know about it:


Edit: I couldnt’t resist, this could be a starting point: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6kMrXP

It’s a bit over budget, but you could squeeze it if you go for a micro itx board and case or a cheaper processor. I picked AMD for graphics as it goes well with the freesync-capable monitor. There should actually be enough power (depending on the games you play) for a 27" WQHD monitor, so you could get rid of free-sync and get this one instead. I’m assuming you’ve got a windows license, if not I’d either go for an RX 590 instead for graphics and upgrade to the next generation when it arrives (looks very promising). There is also only a 500GB SSD for storage, most people have some good ol’ HDDs lying around. :wink: Also, no optical drive but those are basically free nowadays.

GL with the build!

Builded my gaming rig searching every site for limited offers and sales, so i managed to build a endgame pc under 700euros.
But yea that was 3 years ago:cry:

So if i gonna upgrade it will be->

  1. RYZEN Threadripper 1950X 16-Core

[li]DDR4 3400 16Gb[/li][/LIST]

[li]AMD X399 Board[/li][/LIST]

[li]GTX 1660 Ti[/li][/LIST]

All togheter 1200Euro, As i do not need extreme hardware this will be puurfect for me