I'll try to implement the many times asked for mode

Hi, if there’s a way to get access to the source code, I’d want to try and implement a closed server mode.
I’ve seen devs stating that the engine would “require fundamental changes, no time, no money, yada yada” but I have some tricky ideas for implementing it in a way that requires minimal effort (I outlined those in my last posting about ‘Closed servers, why and how’ btw) >:).

I’m no expert by far but I doubt thats something you’ll be able to even talk about at any length publicly on the forum (as far as accessing source code). You’ll likely have to keep that conversation private or discuss it somewhere other than the official forums.

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There isn’t any legal means.

I feel confident I have a 30% chance to pull it off if I can get legal access to it.
And if it’s written in one of the C dialects.
So I guess “modding” doesn’t include actual program code huh?

He could attempt to apply for a job opening at Crate should one come up; however such a cavalier attitude regarding proprietary source code won’t help his chances.

I don’t know what you mean. Either you’re trying to say that I asked for pirated code, which I never did. Or you’re saying that I don’t like proprietary code - which is pretty much true, I believe in open source code (and I actually play Grim Dawn on Linux, for that matter, since I don’t have Windows installed).

As you might know, GD uses a modified TQ engine, which Crate licensed from Iron Lore.

Well, I didn’t, really. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot allow us to mod the GD source code a bit.
Or was the essence of your post something different, sorry?

Really depends on who owns the engine. If crate does you can work on it with permission (I think you’ll still need to go through legal stuff). If someone else does the only way is to become a crate employee.

AFAIK Crate cannot provide you with the source code without changing the licensing agreement with the owners of Iron Lore.