I'm Fully Convinced there's no more Expansion!

Im kinda sad for being the last, but I understand why they done with it. Oh well wish GD2 happens sometime in our lifetime lol.
Hope the devs had fun with it and managed to get enough dosh to finance future project.

Oh I think you could say that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just bought it to scratch my diablo itch! Glad I did. This game is great so far!

I, for one, am very happy with the current state of events. As with every true masterpiece, there comes the time for the creator to say “it’s complete” and put down the brush and chisel . And once it’s done, you leave it alone and let the people admire it for years to come. It’s the desire to get more money out of it what can potentially kill even the best creation. Look at what happened to diablo3! There are so many examples of how you can take a great product and ruin it by constant “improvements”. Sometimes too much of a good thing is also bad. And what I’m trying to say is that Grim Dawn is complete. It’s amazing as is and in my books has no competition really. I’ve played it for thousands of hours already and will continue playing. There’s an entire ocean of builds to try, secrets to uncover and adventures to share with friends. I have come to conclusion that this game is the only one that doesn’t burn me out. Why? Because it’s got the perfect balance of effort to reward. If it’s too easy, - people get bored fast (look at D3). If it’s too hard, people give up before they can complete their builds (self found PoE or D2). Grim Dawn is perfect in that respect. Same goes for itemization. It’s simply untouchable by any other game. There’s plenty of farmable items, rare items, mega super rare items and items you can only get thru GDSTASH lol.
This game will keep inspiring builders! It will keep inspiring themed mode fans! And it will provide enough challenge for masochists, trying ridiculously hard modes like path of perseverance or even naked (no gear) runs.
Balance? I think it was pretty decent until :joy:
@Zantai, if it ain’t broken…
I just hope you guys somehow prevent the power creep if it’s not too late (can’t believe I’m saying this). Can’t even imagine how hard it must be to balance things right now, with so much content added over the years. You need a medal :medal_military:

Anyhow, the Game is truly amazing. It is a complete and finished product imo. It will stand the test of time, have no doubt about it. No further explanations needed imo. Maybe some minor bug fixes here and there.
Kudos to Crate!


Plot twist: Definitive Edition gets pulled out, Zantai anounces one MOAR expansion thanks to the skyrocketing profits that the same bundle pushed in :smiling_imp:

Hmm, just bought the two Loyalist packs on Steam as a thank you for patch 1.1.5, so now there is no more content I can buy to convince Crate to keep pushing out more content.

Oh wait, I can start buying the game and gifting it to my Steam friends. But I have only one Steam friend who doesn’t already own GD (and got it wishlisted), so I guess I’ll have to get him the Definitive Edition :slight_smile:

Sadly, the definitive edition isn’t giftable on Steam.

This is sort of how I see GD’s development coming to a close - courtesy of Blackmore’s Night.

Now at the journey’s end
We’ve travelled far
And all we have to show
Are battlescars.
But in the love we shared
We will transcend
And in that love, the journey never ends.

GD will live on for many more years to come thanks to Crate’s passion for gaming. Thanks guys. You rock!


This sums up the experience very nicely.