I'm Fully Convinced there's no more Expansion!

Apart from the fact that it includes technicalities of adding a new mastery which hinted by Zentai and spokesperson medea numerous times… i think the game has also hinted that our battle with Korvaak is the ultimate last, at least in GD1.

Ashes of Malmouth as u know has been hinted to us. By lore it has been previewed to us in Port Valbury hinting that Malmouth will be the new area to explore.

Forgotten Gods and our battle with Korvaak is hinted numerous times thanks to shrines scattered in the world.

Now do we have a hint in the current game that suggest a new area will be explored? I think no… Bridge south of DC? Ask medea and she will link you to some ancient texts from either Z or Arthur stating this is not possible. This is the end of GD1 journey and let us all put it into rest!!!

Free small updates? yes, but there will be no moar big expansion sad to say guys, that is featuring new big acts of new fresh land to discover…


since no moar expansion, but still we can have mini areas… suggestions to Crate is add an area about the size of Pine Barrens or East Marsh that are locked from major routes. What type of area? Snow!! i think since its really presented poorly in game. Looking at you Asterkarn!


Hate to break it to ya but I’ve been convinced that FG was “it” for expansions since a bit before FG was released. Zantai has been hinting strongly at this eventuality for awhile now.


How strong? :smile: Zantai is a good actor so you must be a seer to unmask his secrets.

Unless Riggs (which is unlikely) points us to a new continent or region, this is it for us then. Time to prolly pack our bags and go.

I mean…all good things come to an end eventually, right?

I don’t think we’re done telling stories in the Grim Dawn universe, but Grim Dawn was never meant to be some kind of live service with endless updates (though really, those kinds of games eventually stop updates too).

At the end of the day, we are a business and Crate pays our bills, so we need to be fiscally responsible about what we work on. At a certain point, another expansion becomes a financial risk rather than guaranteed profits.

Not to mention there is such a thing as bloat and something that was once good loses its charm because there’s simply too much going on (ex. layering on too many customization mechanics for the sake of offering something new, or piling on more masteries onto gear when the tooltips are already very complex).

There’s other stuff he posted prior that basically spelled out in no uncertain terms that further expansions were highly unlikely.

Thanks. This is pretty much it. Im actually not convinced and playing an act to lure in bright minds to enligten me here and seeing more evidence now pretty much nails the Grim coffin for me :sob:

Good grief, have you not paid attention to anything said in dev streams and posted here?

From the 27th July 2018 stream:

"derpymountain : ARE WE GOING TO GET A DOPE ASS SEQUAL in the not near future

I can’t tell you when Grim Dawn 2 will come out or if it will come out at this time. I think it would be pretty cool to do more of Grim Dawn down the line, I think the people who are working on Grim Dawn might need a bit of a break from working on Grim Dawn for so long. Do some stuff, try some different genres. There’s you know our other project Medierra’s been working on that he will probably announce at some time."

"tupacx92 :@CrateEntertainment is this the last expansion for GD ?

I think it’s very likely that this will be the last big content push we do for Grim Dawn. It’s just the kind of natural progression of a release product like this. There was a huge spike when the game came out and sales are still trickling in for the base game. Then Ashes of Malmouth came out and the spike wasn’t as big as it was for the base game was and that’s fine, that’s how expansions go. And we expect Forgotten Gods to be a little bit lower than Ashes of Malmouth, but still good enough to make it worth while making the expansion otherwise we wouldn’t be making it financially speaking."

"AdiosOcelote : Didn’t you say the same after releasing AoM?

I mean I suppose we did, but ultimately it is a financially driven decision. I guess if Forgotten Gods blows us away in terms of how many copies it sells then maybe a third expansion would be discussed. But at this time isn’t not like - we’re definitely doing a third expansion."

"Pokerkid777 :If Forgotten Gods ends up being the last expansion, how much longer do you expect GD to be supported with balance changes and bug fixes?

As long as it makes sense to. Just because we’re not going to work on a giant expansion doesn’t mean that we’ll just stop developing Forgotten Gods stuff. We have ideas for what we could do for post release stuff, whether that could be some new items or some more floors for end of dungeons, might even do some more story content potentially. We will see. And there’ll be additional balancing needed because there’ll be new items, there’s going to have to be some tweaks to make sure everything’s competitive and build diversity goes up."

7th December 2018 stream:

ShotokanEditor : And again : Is it true that this is the final Content for the game? Does the story finally folds up? What’s next for grim dawn ?
It is true this is most likely our last big content push for Grim Dawn. I don’t think it’s very likely there’ll be a third expansion. I’m not going to never say never or I will say never say never. It’s not guaranteed it’ll be the last, I think it’s very likely based on sales but ultimately it is a financial decision. In terms of content updates I think it’s very likely that we’ll have some post release patches , we might add more items, we might add more levels to the Shattered Realm, we actually have some ideas for some story bits we could include, but in terms of Grim Dawn’s story I think it will wrap up a lot of story arc that you guys have experienced over the years, but it’s not going to answer all your questions. This isn’t going to be, you know, humanity’s safe and everything’s good. That story goes on longer. If we ever do Grim Dawn 2 for example.

27th February 2019 stream:

EXTREMEGAMER29 : @CrateEntertainment How likely is Grim Dawn 2 in the future and have you thought about it?

Well of course we’ve thought about it. I’m not really sure how likely it is and certainly not any time soon. There’s gonna be at least a few other projects that have to happen before we really work on a Grim Dawn 2 and then the programmers have to get in there first, work out all the kinks, figure out whether we do a new engine or update this one.

1st March 2019 stream:

Just in terms of the story to be perfectly honest I feel like to do the story justice at this point we need to do something much bigger than an expansion. And there’s all this stuff, those of you who are paying attention to the dialogue will know Ulgrim and the Emperor, there’s something going on there, the Emperor’s son, those are all big stories that would really need a lot of dedication to do them justice. And how far you get from the capital would just seem insufficient.

It’s pretty clear another expansion isn’t likely to happen. What we’ll get in the way of updates after we’ll just have to wait and see. Crate aren’t going to tell us until they’re ready as you well know. All you’re prodding and pushing isn’t going to change that. Chill out, we’ll get news when they’re ready to tell us.


korvaak is a good stopping point for gd 1’s chronicles. we have involved ourselves on the battlefield of grim dawn’s godlike figures when we banished korvaak far away into space, and consciously learned that we’re now pawns/allies of the 3 witchy gods. a sequel i what gd needs to continue the story at this point, not expansions. though we wouldn’t mind if crate add some mini dungeons here and there to finalize gd 1.

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I just want to hug a BIG snow man boss and I will be happy.

Hug away. :wink:


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:fearful: what is there to hug? Thats all bones!!

It’s cold, nearest thing you’re going to get to a snowman until any GD2 appears is my guess. :rofl:

PS: I’m not a spokesperson for Crate. I just seem to pay more attention to what they say than most of you lot do. :stuck_out_tongue:

And what is to stop the celestials (or witch gods, for that matter) from thinking the player is a threat. We’ve grown powerful enough to take down gods … which god will be next? Or will they collectively work to stop us from growing even more powerful?

The best way to survive: take away, invalidate, eliminate, reduce the effectiveness of, or otherwise disallow access to your enemy’s weapon.

well we don’t know if we’re going to play as the taken again or new characters in gd 2. it’ll be interesting to see how crate would decide the lore canon in gd 2.

plot twist: We will play as the bad guys and final boss is Hangman Jarvis

FG was expected to be the last expansion long time ago. As a fan, I will be happy to see new one though. And especially GD 2!

And its finally sealed. The latest Steam sale just puts all remaining doubts away.

Grim Dawn Definitive Edition bundle is now available on Steam or maybe GOG (haven’t checked. Grab your bundle copies now and forget about asking if any MOAR expansion is down the line :sob:

Yay! At last. So many people have been waiting for a definitive edition to come out. :grava_yes:

I want to be happy but this news moved me to tears kowing Crate will soon abandoned this pretty gem to move to other games. Reality of life. Will move to other games too as soon as Crate calls it quits and Hopefully by that time I will have completed my collection of fully decked 100 lvl toons of all class combinations.

i’m baffled at how such a zealous paladin of holiness who gets his wish for paladin class combination in FG, have such a low faith on crate continuing the gd franchise. calm down. i believe crate will keep polishing grim dawn 1 and add new small contents here and there in the future, then establish new town builder game IP to refresh their creativity, while planning to build new engine for gd 2.

it will be a long time of waiting as grim dawn development itself (grim dawn has several years of alpha and beta developments). but look at how gd is right now. how preciously grim it is.

moving to other games while gd franchise is in cooldown state is good idea though. by the time you get back to gd world after a long vacation, it’ll feel refreshing and new imo.

It’s not being abandoned. lol. They, Crate, will still continue to support the game and update it from time to time. It’s just them moving onto other games. Which, as a fan of Crate, we should all be happy about. This way, when they do, if they do, work on a GD 2 or similar type of game, it will be with fresh eyes and not bored to death. Just enjoy the game they have made and let’s check out and support their other works, if it interests you.

Personally, I’m excited to see what they do with a city builder. Love games like that, but find the current state of games lackluster. Cities: Skylines DLC’d to death, as are most things by Paradox. SimCity: Dumbed down to the point of being pointless. These are just my opinions, completely okay if you don’t share them. :slight_smile: So, I welcome them and hope they do same thing to City Builders that they did with ARPG aka: Grim Dawn.

Short version, let’s be happy they can work on other things. That can only help make their games better. Our other option is to have a GD release every year and it gets worse with each iteration of it. Which would you rather have? Fresh minds/ideas or bored to death developers? It shows when devs are not passionate about their work(s). Keep up the good work, Crate!