i'm new here

just wanted to drop by and voice my support (will buy 2-3 copies later) mainly for medierra and the other people that don’t play it safe in developing this game, the (so called first) world needs a whole lot more of your type (even though that’s not exactly a grateful experience). heck, if i lived in your area, i’d come around from time to time with some foodstuffs and fix something more or less edible (or whatever it is you needed). well, anyway, hopefully by the time grim dawn comes out i’ll be in work up to my ears much as you are now so i hope - no scratch that - i trust this works out for the whole team. keep on… errr… hm… whatever it is each of you is doing best… :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to the community!

one question. are you a chef or something? asking just out of curiosity…

Hey durruti,

Nice words! =)

Welcome aboard!

nice words indeed

and welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum mate I hope you have a good time and give your opinion on whatever you can.

naaa, i’m certainly no chef (i’m slightly above operating a microwave level. j/k) was just thinking out loud there, having some time on my hands. :wink: and many thanks for the warm welcome ima try and bring something to the table - maybe even related to grim dawn - who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum and thank you for the kind and inspiring message. :smiley:

Welcome home durruti,



Hey Steve,

Welcome aboard!

We have a movies/Tv shows section here somewhere, feel free to stop by there. =)

EDIT: Ah, you did already! =))

As an apprentice chef I am insulted I tell you! (not really lol)

I can operate at least two microwaves and I even know which end of the knife to hold. A fully qualified chef knows how to turn on the stove top without setting themselves on fire at the very least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Welcome! I think quite a few people on these forums share your sentiment, hopefully a gradual stream of preorders will help some. They’ve been doing great work thus far and I’m sure it will only continue to improve. :]


huzzah, you’re the guy that created the most useful tq defiler, right? i’ve already seen some fanpatch people around, dunno, just seems right. :slight_smile:

also, dragonwolf, that made me laugh out loud. propz for your mad skillz wit dem oxes. :smiley:

Yep yep! Hafta keep tabs on one of my next favorite games. :wink: