Im new :)

So everyone I know has been comparing this game with D3 and PoE… I have played both and they are ok at best.

Ok, point of this is basically this: I need a great meta build that I can work towards for. I will invite a few friends if its good enough, but atm I have no idea what to do. I am lookin more towards the Occulist, but I have no idea whats going on.

Before I get spammed by “Play the game, ect…” posts, I just need motivation to work towards a goal. It is how I enjoy this kids of games the most.

Thank you all in advance and i look forward to enjoying this with all of you.

Occultist is a very versatile mastery. It excels at Poison, Vitality, and Chaos damage, as well as summoning pets. What did you want to focus on?

If I were starting from 0 again, i’d take witchblade im sure - max Dreeg’s Evil Eye and then mastery bar to the end giving 1 point into each upgrade of Dreeg’s Evil Eye. Try to find Mark of Dreeg component (4/4) and put it into shield or weapon for new skill - Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze and just put all points into physique at start. That’s really easy method for new players, not requiring any items etc and then after finishing normal/veteran you’ll eventually decide if you want to continue after you get some experience. You can basically just follow that build as its beginner friendly due to the occultist mastery being awesome:

If you enjoy DOTs, Iso is correct. If you’re not fond of such things, I find Fire Strike the go-to for starting from nothing, because there’s just so many ways to do it. Some of them involve Occultist, some do not.

Even if you do not enjoy DoTs, Isomane is correct in suggesting a Witchblade.

They do well maxing either tree and taking the other to 32, or maxing both, depending your build and/or if you wish to enjoy “max” flexibility with customizing your toon.

I’d start a non-Dreeg WB with Cadence, Forcewave, or Bladearc, though.

Thanks for the awesome tips. I convinced 4 of my friends to buy the game and hopefully we will get in to a place where we know what we are doing.

You made a bad choice getting this game. You’re gonna get addicted

Hello Anrothan,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn