I'm not sure if this bothers anyone else...looting delay

One thing thats consistently bothered me is the animation for looting items. I think it would be a really nice QoL improvement to remove the loot animation and speed up looting in general. Probably a silly suggestion but it is one thing thats been somewhat frustrating.

If I’m not mistaken, not long after I started playing Crate had to patch a bug - except the solution made picking up loot take something like twice as long as before. The drop animation wasn’t nearly so annoying when picking up the loot after was smooth.

Though I understand bugs need patching, I definitely miss it.

I would not mind an optional “auto-pickup everything” function. Typically if it meets my filter im going to pick it up. I do all item comparisons from the character/sale window. I imagine some would want to be more selective, particularly late in the game if selling items no longer yields significant iron and only certain items are worth picking up for the build.

That would be nice. Most of the time i just want to get everything of a particular color picked up.

I think what bugs me more than the loot pickup animation itself (which I don’t mind, personally) is the fact that on some characters it’s just…slower. Ranged DW and 2H melee for example (maybe there are others too) both have a significantly slower pickup animation than many of my other characters. I thought at first that maybe it was intentional, and that they pick things up more slowly because they already have their hands full, but then I tried some 2H ranged and DW melee characters and they had no trouble picking things up quickly.

Would be nice if everybody had the same, faster pickup speed regardless of what they have equipped.

The suggestion here should resolve this problem quite nicely. What do you think?

Loot pickup speed is based on your attack speed (or attacks per second/weapon animation) for some odd reason. I didn’t notice it until I started playing Crucible more often, as 2h weapons make for better leveling equipment, and picking up loot became extremely sluggish. “Why would it be slower on one character than another?” I thought to myself. Then I took off my weapon and began to loot. Wow.

Obviously this probably only affects people who play in the Crucible at low levels, as your speeds will be higher later on, and during the campaign loot isn’t clustered in a giant pile all that often…

However, I agree with the thread here, and the one referenced above. I would love looting speed to be increased significantly, the loot button to continue until all filtered loot is picked up, or the inclusion of a “loot all” function. Any of those things would be good.

+1 for autopick or something. That animation is useless.