I'm stuck on vanguard of the three

Im stuck on vanguard of the three.That gate won t open.Why?I finished all available quest in game…
any advice,thx.

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Have you accepted a new quest from the faction you allied to? That’s the only way the gate will open for you.


“Going to the Vanguard of the Three area will be crucial in getting the Chillheart Legendary Sword. When you get there, search for the green circle that will apply damage over time whenever you stand in it. Make sure to survive for 16 seconds inside the green circle, as you’ll get rewarded with Chillheart after doing so. The Chillheart will appear on the ground for you to pick up and make sure you save it”

I barely survive in the green circle only 6 second,and I have all resistances on 83%,and I play on normal difficulty.What can I do to survive 16 second for Chilheart?From what I read, I must aquire that blade from the green corcle to open that gate? :slight_smile:

There are guides on how to do this thing (the sword is not related to opening the gate though)

afaik resistances does not matter, only absorb and heal.

I would do this with warder

respec and get menhir will to max, then in this order

  1. let menhir will proc
  2. pop health potion
  3. pop aether cluster (place it on hotbar)

not sure if this would help too, but get oak skin, military conditioning, mogdrogens pact and veterancy. This will increase your max health and health regen

Comes from https://gamerdiscovery.com/grim-dawn-secret-quest-unlocks-crate-of-entertainment-boss/ it has nothing to do with opening the gate at vanguard of the three

No, it’s entirely optional.

The gates will open when you complete the Forgotten Gods story quests in the Conclave of the Three then talk to your respective cult leader (Draellus, Sagon or Byscilla) when they move to the Vanguard.

If you’re not sure what I mean, can you post a screenshot with the red box icon clicked on:

of course

go back to conclace of the three and talk to all the npc’s your are missing quests that are necessary for the gate to open.

This. You must do the relevant quests for the faction you ally with before the gate will open. Getting the legendary sword has no bearing on the gate, that’s a separate quest line. Go back to the Conclave, do the quests requested of you and then your ally will move to the Vanguard where you talk to them again to get the quest to open the gate and proceed.

Also, that quest with Chillheart isn’t even available on Normal difficulty. It’s part of a secret quest that’s only available on Ultimate.


im so idiot.u right I missed to talk with all npc in town because they are lot :slight_smile:
Now I speak with all npc,i search every corner of Conclave base

thanks so much