I'm very squishy - do i not understand the game mechanics?

A few days ago i started a new character. While creating the game, i noticed a delicate clipping. After some time, i noticed that the monsters deal a lot more damage, regain some health and i have a problem with my defense.

I play on normal difficulty, not veteran. I have a problem with defense. I have 77% resistance to chaos damage, but i lose half hp when i get damage in a void. In general, i have to use hp potions very often. I play as Blademaster, i have 1378 defensive ability, a lot of resistance and legendary items, and yet, despite this, the game is difficult for me at normal difficulty.

What is wrong?

95% of the time it’s the resistances. Just because they’re Chthonics doesn’t mean they only deal chaos.

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It could also be vitality like other people are suggesting. I generally find it’s better to have diverse resistances than one or two strong ones. Also, you need diverse defense strategies: a “one-hit” strategy (flat resists and damage mitigation, max health), a “two-hit” strategy (active healing, probability-based defense), and a long term strategy (regeneration, crowd control, short circuit skills like Menhir’s will). You should generally prioritize your defenses in that order though.

In the case of the blademaster that basically means:

  1. Top-of-the-line armor with features that improve absorption, diverse resistances, and investment into health and physique
  2. Pneumatic burst or blade barrier, perhaps a shield (DA also fits into this)
  3. Menhir’s will, veterancy, life steal, any stun you can dredge up, etc.
    In that order.

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