I'm weak at low levels

Hi, I’m on my first playtrought of the game and now around lvl 30 as a 2 hander melee reaver. I have a build that I plan to follow later on but for now I’m experiencing a lot.

So far I’m murdering any trash but on specials and boss I often get my butt kicked hard.

here is my current build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqRvo8N

I know that at some point I will have to spec out of my pets in order to focus on melee cold damage/debuff but I’d like to keep them as long as I can.

To get some toughness I’m not sure what I should do. Getting some + defence/life leech skills or switching some of my + damage gear for more HP/Resistance.

Invest more in Spectral Binding, Veil of Shadow, Pneumatic Burst

Also, with 2H, you’re not getting anything from taking Breath of Belgothian. That transmuter only works with DW.


You gotta decide what you want your guy to be first. Summoner or fighter, mage, fighter/mage?

It worked so far but at lvl 30-40 you kinda have to commit to something

Try this:


Necrotic Edge and Reaping Strike can´t be triggered by Bone Harvest.
Spreading your points out over too many abilities is not good, you don´t need two masteries to level. Bone Harvest + Ravenous Earth should bring yoo to level 65ish easily.

Try to bring your resistances up to 30% at least. Use components for that. Factions (Devils Crossing, Roveers etc.) sell special blueprints for components, and have really good gear. Grind reputation for them if necessary (do bounties).
Use Gluttony relic. Blueprint is sold by the Devils Crossing Quartermaster.

Be patient. First time is always hard.

Hope that helps a bit.

There´s a lot of threads with tipps for beginners in the forum too.
Like this one: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69750

Good hunting. :wink:

I’d suggest removing points from Necro mastery, putting them into Nighblade mastery, and put points into Shadow Dance asap.

Whenever you feel squishy on a character in GD, the answer is almost always that your resists aren’t good enough. Resists are incredibly important, especially when you get somewhere post fort Ikon, which is about where you are I’m guessing. Necropolis will really nail you if you don’t have the right resists.

Your class combo really favors vitality damage, but you’re primarily running a pet build, which nightblade doesn’t really have much support for. If you’re going to run a reaper, there are some pretty great vitality builds you can make. If you want to stick with pets, you’re better off putting all your current available points into the necro, except for maybe pneumatic burst.

If you’re using bone harvest just as a proc for twin blades, I’d switch to ravenous earth. Ravenous earth has a duration, so it’s possible to proc lots of twin fangs, you can get a few of them out at once, which means lots of healing. You should also get the next tier skill for your blight pet, as that improves his taunt. Without more taunt, that pet is fairly worthless.

That spec certainly has some “wasted” points in it, but your problem, at least at this level, is your resists. Grim Dawn can be tricky to figure out what skills actually work with what, but don’t get discouraged.

Once you make a few characters, you’ll start to get a good stash full of gear and components, which makes the game much easier. First character is always tough, because you won’t end up with the components you need to really take care of your resists. It’s probably worth spending a couple of levels going to someplace like steps of torment, and just trying to farm up some better gear and especially resist components.

Not until you start Elite/Ultimate really. :wink:

Basically if you want to run skeletons then you really need to concentrate on being a summoner and not attacking very much yourself, if you want to attack things yourself, then ditch the skeletons and concentrate on attack/defense. The skeletons need full investment to be of any use and trying to combine them with attack skills for yourself is going to leave you stretched very thin and risk dying a lot.

For the resits comment what is a generally acceptable % for each phase of the game?

Capped is basically what you are looking for toward end of normally beginning of elite. It isn’t necessarily easily doable for all at one time. Yetis do cold damage. If you are fighting the first boss in act 4 in fort ikon, cap aether. For loghorren the final boss, cap poison and vitality as much as you can and get some chaos. The ghoul things in the side zone with the shrine do bleeding. Beasts like the dermaptean or the deathstalkers have piercing. Elemental, aether and chaos, poison damage is usually pretty obvious. Vitality, piercing, bleeding aren’t always so obvious in my opinion. Go here if you are not sure what you are facing. https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/

Having 80 resistance is taking half as much damage as 60 resistance. At 60 resistance you take 67% compared to 40 resistance.