When I started my latest game I had 6 adults and 6 adolescents, making them all working class. All the immigrants I receive are also adults and adolescents, no babies, no seniors or elderly (despite the picture of the woman holding a baby.) Would there be more variety in the future, a mix of young families and maybe a grampa/granma in there as well? I don’t know what the age delineations are between adult and adolescent, it took three years for an infant to become a child, children become adolescents at 16, and it took five years before an adult became a senior.
In spreading out the ages could there be a more explanatory view of who is migrating and all of their ages? Such as: 8 people want to migrate to your town, 2 seniors, 2 adults, 1 adolescent and 3 children, and you click on accept, but if you get 1 elderly,3 seniors, 2 adults and 2 adolescents you may want to reject them, one is already too old to live long and the others may not live long either.

This looks like one of those horrible 7th grade math word problems. I’ll pass.