Immortal the Unplayed

I won’t say it’s impossible . maybe if all of the items listed highroll on Max with the HP , + Meat Shield proc for 50% Bonus HP .

Just read the thread if you are interested in this kind of stuff :slight_smile: and it was grim tools challenge so average rolls was considered

I more meant to have it on your weapon swap, not to swap to it. :wink:

ah … i think the last time i used weapon swap was be4 malmouth came out :smiley: and sure , that i can do!
thank you

Oh my god! Its over 130,000!!!

could u give me a link to the post :slight_smile: ?

The link is already posted in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

@RektbyProtoss You may want to change your recommended Health per level from 100 to 1000 according to new discoveries.

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Why not right gollus ring have prefix?

becouse for some reason GrimTools can’t/wont load Imprevious or Purging preffix . dont ask me why :stuck_out_tongue:

ah ok it is old patch item, that is because some affix was removed from high level items :slight_smile:

Pref. and yeah , IIRC this was farmed back in 2018 XD

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Vintage jewlrey :smiley: worth a lot these days!

I took the link for a spin, tried to reach as much Health as possible, carefully examined every slot (augments, components, affixes, corrected two 8x level augments), devotions and actually managed just over 130k