Immortal the Unplayed

Hello Everyone. First off i should say this build is NOT bigginer-frendly , not in this form anyways . You can make a budget version with only Faction gear - but Immortality is not guaranteed! I just wanted to share a build i use to explore new content ( when it comes out ) and see what the new bosses do firsthand w/o the risk of death … in HC Ultimate … 'cuz there’s no better place to start , right ? This was also my first ever HC Build . so i keep checking how much dust he collected since i last played him every-so-often . His original theme remains unchainged as the patches go by . Don’t die ! The original build is so old i cant even find it , and for better or for worse the items i use now are so different from it that you couldn’t even call it the same build anymore . On to the build itself :
Grimtools: Pic with In-game details of the char .
This is my first post , and i understand the formating is poor . please dont chew me out for it too much ! Cheers and best of luck in loothunting !


need more health


You can take out points of Savagery and put them in Shaman mastery bar, which will give you more stats and health. You’ll also be able to reallocate stat points from spirit to physique. All of this will give you ~1.5k more health and ~50 more DA. You have pitiful weapon damage anyway =)

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Weapon Swap to Meat Shield for the true meme.



and even with maxed tenacity of boar, still no OA for hitting above 60% against the hard monsters.

if i do i really wont be able to kill even the basic mobs :smiley: will keep it in mind tho .

i did , thank you for the advice! i finally managed to hit 70k HP checkpoint , if i ever get the right MI’s im aiming for 75k now

Sadly , it’s impossible to make an Immortal build and still do damage . finding the right balance is a good/great build . this is simply the extreme of one (Defensive) :slight_smile: And it’s still waaay better than it was when this build was actualy made(Base Game - No RATA , no Miss chance on monsters).

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That is why you can also just have one point in tenacity of boar and get even more health and health regen by doing more shaman points or veterancy

Good for you! I kinda liked the concept of your build, despite not liking the Dawnbreaker set, lol.

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Holy lord above, that is a ton of HP!!! I HAD NO IDEA it was even possible to attain HP levels that high. That is crazy! Love it!

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The main reason i kept Tenacity is because it used to give DA too . this was put on Oak Skin , i think in . i didnt really replace skills since then :smiley: the second reason is i’d like to hit more often , even if that little is 1% . you might think 1% extra hit is low , but it’s a difference between 15 and 18 minutes fight :smiley: . also , i dont find the extra HP regen necessary … yet .

Dawnbreaker is there as the only source of damage . you can do more MI’s . it might even give more health . but unless u want to spend an hour doing Vaaldrin w/o any modifiers , i’d suggest refraining from that!

if fight takes 15 min with 61% chance to hit it will take 15min and 15 seconds with 60% chance to hit.

But put your pure retaliation damage is not accounted for OA, just the retaliation damage added to attack care about OA.

Q: do resists matter ?

Yes it does.

Nah, Dawnbreaker fits just fine in this build as it gives quite a bit of HP as well. Even more “offensive” setup can give something like 27k HP.

" Why do i hear Raid-Boss Music" :

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no idea what that even means but there was some dudes in that thread (old patch) that got more than 140k health.

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