Important info for Early Backers who upgraded to a Kickstarter Tier

There are a couple bits of information that are important if you backed us before the Kickstarter and then later decided to increase your support during the Kickstarter. Please see below:

If you were an early backer (pre-KS) and you upgraded to a Kickstarter tier that includes Physical rewards such as the printed map and/or poster (physical copies coming soon)
Due to the way Kickstarter handles pledges, you had to select No Reward to pay the difference between your original purchase and the tier you wished to upgrade to. Because of this, we are unable to send you the survey directly through Kickstarter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “Early Backer KS Upgrade” and the address you wish physical rewards be mailed to.

Please include verification of your original purchase (or at least the email address associated with the purchase/upgrade). Please also include the email and/or name you used on Kickstarter, if they are not the same as for your original purchase, so we can find your pledge.

If you received a Kickstarter Medal instead of the Backer’s Distinction
The digital reward tiers were set up with one medal per tier, so by upgrading you essentially switched to a Kickstarter medal.

However, if you still wish to have the medal sent out to early backers, please contact us at [email protected] with info on your original purchase and the upgrade (ex. original email) and you will be issued an additional DLC code that will award you the medal (from Kory the Keeper) in the next game update. Please indicate whether you wish to receive the DLC code for Steam or GOG.

Bringing this back up for visibility.

Regarding the Backer’s Distinction medal - point out if you need it on GOG or Steam.

I am one of those backers that initially sent Crate $50 before the kickstarter, where I pledged an additional $52 (putting me at $100 for the physical disc). Thanks for topic. I just sent an email, but I’m not sure what will happen. I can’t find the stub for the money order I sent in (US Postal), so I don’t know if I threw it away or it got lost in all the clutter over the years. When I sent it, I wasn’t expecting there to be a kickstarter or any rewards plans. Heck, if I need to, I will send in an additional $50 just to guarantee me a disc copy (I’m old and anal about having discs).

Please contact me or send me a pm if you need to ask me anything or clarify anything.

Have there been any updates as to when the physical discs will be sent out, or were they already sent out and I wasn’t sent one?
Its been so long that I honestly don’t remember if I sent my address or not, and was on a long hiatus and haven’t checked my email in a while.
Sorry if I’m being a pain in the arse.

Here you go:

You may want to email [email protected] with your backer/shipping info to make sure your address is in the shipping list.

^^ Thanks for the help. I recently sent an email, but my PC has been acting squirelly for some time now, so I hope that they get it. The problem is that I sent in $50 before the kickstarter, and then pledged an additional $50 during the KS. I was told that it would qualify, but it was so long ago that I’m not sure how to prove it anymore, unless they have a record of my previous e-mails and have me on their list…? I had completely forgoten all about it, until I started playing Diablo 3 for consoles recently, and that reminded me of this game. My PC has been such a mess that I can’t play Grim Dawn anymore, and I just don’t have the money to get a new PC anytime soon.

Can someone even tell me if the physical copies were sent out, or not yet?
I’m okay if they haven’t, as that just means more waiting, which I’m okay with…but if they were sent out, and I didn’t get my copy, then yeah, I want to try and do something about it, if I can.

Thanks again.

Sorry, I meant to post this link: - nothing has been shipped yet.

There should be a record with Crate’s support staff since upgrading during the Kickstarter was something many of us did. Send them your original e-mail address that you used for the order if you’ve changed that since ordering the game and they should be able to track it down. And in this digital age it’s always wise to keep a good, old fashioned copy of such things - I still have all my paperwork for the game. :smiley:

We did not receive any emails to that account recently.

Physical copies are presently being manufactured.

Alternatively I guess you can PM me here with the email you used to back the game as well as the shipping address, and I can verify. Either way, the email or the PM arrives in my inbox.

Thanks Zantai…just sent you a pm.
Please let me know if I need to do anything else, and I’ll do it.
If I don’t get my physical copy, then I’m not gonna complain, cause Grim Dawn is a great game and I know that Crate is a small company. My main reason for sending in the initial $50 (money order) and then the additional $50 (KS donation) was to support the game and its development. I would love a physical copy, but its not the reason why I sent in the money.

So please do what you can, and if I end up not getting a physical disc of the main game, then I’m not gonna worry about it. And if you need me to send in some additional money, then that’s fine too. I recently started a new job, so I can manage it.

A lot has happened in the years since the KS, and I know how things can move in a different direction than expected. Its been an honor being in on the KS, and I respect all Crate employees immensely, including Medierra, and everyone at Crate, who has put in a lot of hard work and devotion. Thanks for a great game. I’ll be buying the expansion soon.

Shawn M.

Just had an e-mail from to say my Grim Dawn order is on its way. Assuming it’s not a scam e-mail (2 of those this morning) does this mean the disc copies are on their way? If so, a really nice Christmas/New Year present from Crate. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Certainly looking promising! :smiley:

Just checked the tracking number and yes it looks like we’re go!

So one more Kickstarter goal achieved. I think that only leaves Medierra to write “The Crate Story” and it’s all done. :slight_smile: